Malayalam script

Malayalam script

Infobox Writing system
name = Malayalam
languages = Malayalam
type = Abugida
time = c. 1100–present
fam1=Proto-Canaanite alphabet
fam2=Phoenician alphabet
fam3=Aramaic alphabet
unicode = [ U+0D00–U+0D7F]
iso15924 = Mlym
The Malayalam script is an abugida of the Brahmic family, used to write the Malayalam language. From the Brahmi script, the Grantha script emerged as one of the earliest Southern scripts. It further evolved into the Malayalam script. The Malayalam script covers all the symbols of Sanskrit as well as special Dravidian letters. The alphabet is classified into two categories: swarams (or vowels) and vyanjanams (or consonants).


There is no distinction of case, i.e. no uppercase and lowercase letters. Diacritics, or vowel signs, are used to associate a vowel to a consonant. When no diacritic is used, the vowel sound 'a' is assumed. To denote the absence of a vowel specifically, a "chandrakkala" Unicode|് (also called "virama") is used.

Other symbols

In addition to these symbols, there are many more symbols to indicate ligatures of the various consonants with each other.


Malayalam digits are written as follows:

Unicode for Malayalam

The Unicode range for Malayalam is U+0D00–U+0D7F. Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points.

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