Orthellius family

Orthellius family

The Orthellius family (also Ortelius family) was a noted family of cartographers and merchants. They were originally from Augsburg, in Bavaria, but settled in Antwerp, Belgium in the 16th century.

The most famous cartographer of this family was Abraham Ortelius, author of the "Theatre of the World" ("Theatrum Orbis Terrarum") atlas. Abraham's sister, Orrilia Ortelius, was the wife of Sir Jacobus van Meteren and mother of historian Emanuel van Meteren. Abraham's cousin Joachim Ortel (Ortelius) was a Dutch Agent and silk merchant in London.

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* [http://cf.uba.uva.nl/en/collections/maps/ortelius/ Amsterdam University Library - Abraham Ortelius online exhibit]

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