Bachelor of Computing

Bachelor of Computing

Bachelor of Computing (B.Comp.) is a bachelor's degree in Computing. This degree is offered only in some universities, and is slightly different from a B.Sc. in Computer Science or a B.CS..

The following definition of Computing is given in the ACM report [ Computing As a Discipline] :

: "The discipline of computing is the systematic study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information: their theory, analysis, design, efficiency, implementation, and application. The fundamental question underlying all the computing is 'What can be (efficiently) automated?' "

In most universities, a Bachelor of Computing degree is conferred upon a student after four years of full-time study (generally 120 credit hours) which include computing studies, although generally a large focus is put on the integration of computing with one of science, liberal arts, or business.

Specializations of B.Comp may vary greatly, however they may include:

* Bioinformatics
* Biomedical Computing
* Cognitive Science
* Computer Science
* Information Technology
* Management Information Systems
* Medical Informatics
* Medical Imaging
* Multimedia
* Software Engineering

Malaysian Private University for Computing

Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI) and its institute Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in Malaysia offer wide range of Bachelor of Computing Degrees in Software Engineering, Internet Technology, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Computer Security, Biometrics and Computing. With more than a decade of excellence in professional IT education & training, APIIT & UCTI is a leading IT and business educational facility in the Southeast Asia region.

The course is designed to cover a wide range of technology topics supplemented with business topics, throughout which students will develop their skills to confidently take on a wide variety of job roles where the ability to put together various elements of technology into a seamlessly integrated solution is crucial.

* [ Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) - Malaysia]
* [ Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI) - Malaysia]

National University of Singapore, School of Computing

National University of Singapore (NUS) has a School of Computing (SoC) which offers Bachelor of Computing (Honours). The available specializations are Communications and Media, Computational Biology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Commerce and Information Systems. The Bachelor of Computing degree can be obtained in conjunction with another degree (double degree programme) or together with a minor in another discipline, subject to approval by the school. Two of its programmes, Computer Science and Information Systems, are certified by ABET to be "substantially equivalent" to accredited programmes in the United States.

* [ National University of Singapore, School of Computing]

Queen's University School of Computing

Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, offers the Bachelor of Computing (B.Cmp.) and the Bachelor of Computing (Honours) (B.Cmp.H.) degrees. Four Honours specializations are available: Biomedical Computing, Cognitive Science, Software Design, and Computer Science. An Honours degree can also be obtained with a major in Computing, and a Minor or "General" specialization in Computing can be added to other arts and science degrees.

Multi-Disciplinary Programs

Queen's University offers students an enormous range of programs combining a significant concentration in Computing with other subjects.

The Biomedical Computing program (code BMCO) combines a strong Computing and Math component, foundational courses in the life sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Pharmacology), and specialized courses in Computational Biology and Medical Informatics (17.5 core credits plus 2.5 elective credits).

Cognitive Science (code COGS) combines Computing and Math with Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (16 core credits plus 4 elective credits).

Computing and the Creative Arts (code COCA) is a Special Field program combining a concentration in Computing with a concentration in one of four Arts subjects: Art, Drama, Film, and Music.

There are also so-called medial programs (code MED) combining a 7-credit Computing concentration with 7-credit concentrations in any of the natural and physical sciences, Math, or Statistics (Bachelor of Science, honours), or any of the social sciences, humanities, or languages (Bachelor of Arts, honours), plus 6 elective credits.

The Major-General (code MJG) and Major-Minor (code MJM) degrees allow a student to combine a major concentration (10 credits) in one subject with a general concentration (typically 8 credits) or a minor concentration (typically 6 credits), respectively, in another subject.

* [ Queen's University School of Computing]

Bachelor of Computing in Australia

The Bachelor of Computing is commonly being replaced in favour of a newer but similar Bachelor of Information Technology. Computing is also commonly offered as part of an Applied Science, Science, Computer Science, Business or Engineering degree.

Universities Offering a Bachelor of Computing
The following Australian Universities offer a Bachelor of Computing program:
* [ Bachelor of Computing at Swinburne University of Technology]
* [ Bachelor of Computing at University of Ballarat]
* [,32959&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&P_COURSE_CODE=S3F&P_YEAR=2008 Bachelor of Computing at University of Tasmania]

ee also

*Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
*Bachelor of Computer Science
*Bachelor of Information Technology

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