Alguien Te Mira

Alguien Te Mira

title = Alguien te mira

caption =
director = María Eugenia Rencoret
writer = Pablo Illanes Nona Fernández
script =
cinematographer =
producer = Daniela Demicheli
cast = Francisco Melo Francisco Pérez-Bannen Álvaro Rudolphy Sigrid Alegría
Francisca Imboden
Paola Volpato
Alejandra Fosalba
Celine Raimond
country = Chile
language = Spanish
network = TVN
theme_song = When I See You Smile ( [Bad English] )
year = Santiago, 2008
music =
performer = Bad English
episodes = 78

Alguien te mira was a night time Soap Opera from Televisión Nacional de Chile. Directed by María Eugenia Rencoret, produced by Daniela Demichelli and written by Pablo Illanes and Nona Fernández. The Soap Opera marked a change in themes from earlier night time productions from the state channel, being that this time the main themes were not troubled couple relationships, and sex, but this time the main theme was associated with a serial killer, who kills women by taking their hearts. The debut date was april 30 of 2007, and the last episode took place on august 16 of the same year.


Santiago, 1992Rodrigo Quintana, Piedad Estévez, Julián García and Benjamín Morandé are inseparable friends. Full of ideals and future personal projects, they study medicine and are dreaming of working together helping the people in need.

Rodrigo (Francisco Melo) is the one that has the most charm, intelligent and a natural leader of the group. His personality was what made Piedad (Sigrid Alegría) feel attracted to him. They live their lives with a passionate love, all this while Julián (Álvaro Rudolphy) loves her in silence. But the rough life of Quintana, plus his drug and alcohol addiction ended up breaking his relationship with Piedad. His actions took him to a point where he disappeared from his friends lives, after an incident that left a dead body and Piedad in hospital room.

Rodrigo Quintana left his friend and his studies to enter himself in a rehabilitation clinic outside Chile. After this incident Piedad was never the same person.

Santiago, 2007Today, 15 years later, and when Benjamín, Julián and Piedad had forgotten about the past, Rodrigo returns to their lives. Partners in a medical clinic, the three doctors find out about Rodrigo Quintana's return, after years in Europe. The friends have changed. While Quintana opted for a good lifestyle in a rural clinic, his friends have accomplished a small fortune, working on the eyes of the high class.

His return brakes Piedad's daily rutine, who realizes that Rodrigo is still the love of her life.

While Julián —divorced for a year from Matilde (Alejandra Fosalba)—, began to become preoccupied with Piedad. He feels that the story could repeat itself and that Rodrigo will take away the love of this life, Piedad.

But love will not be the only thing that will affect this group of friends. While they were all present at an event, they will all be witnesses to a crime. The victim, María Gracia Carpenter (Amparo Noguera), a very well known woman of the society, will be the third death that torments the city.

Before her, the mysterious disappearance of Angela Argento (María José León), a sophisticated executive, was very closely followed by the media and the police. All the events suggested that they were in the presence of a serial killer, whose victims were beautiful women, independent and from high class. Everyone of them assassinated with the same style, a deep and accurate cut to take away their hearts.

The lead police detective Eva Zanetti (Paola Volpato) was in charge of the investigation. Everyone is a suspect. Slowly the circle will tighten itself and the guilty will begin to be questioned. Only one is the killer, and with the passing of the days, one will know his or her identity.


In the 44th episode, (transmitted on June 28, 2007) we found out who was the killer, after two months.The killer was doctor Julián García, who was the lover of detective Eva Zanetti.Julián García confesses to the detective Eva Zanetti that he killed the women, because they were "fragile and repugnant". He also confessed that the first time he killed was when he was 18 years old.In the last episode, he confessed of killing Fabiola Correa, his mother, because she abused him sexually since he was 12 years old.Julián García, after trying to burn alive his "friend" Rodrigo Quintana, by throwing gasoline on him, and after Rodrigo pushed him into the flames after suffering minor burns, his other friend Benjamín, takes away a firearm from one of the detectives who were in the place, and shoots Julián several times, he falls to his death at this place.


Note: Julián García does not just kill any woman, only the ones that leave their son/daughters aside, take a look at the episode where Tatiana dies: Julián: ¿and the kids? Tatiana:The kids don't exist, don't worry about them"'

* Fabiola Correa: Mother of Julián García, in the last episode, one could find out that she was murdered by her own son.
* Elvira Romero (Ángela Vallejos): The killed her 9 months ago, and her body was found in a plastic bag by a river.
* Ángela Argento (María José León): An executive, 35 years old, who dies in a convertible car at night, her remains are found days later in a valley.
* María Gracia Carpenter Basoalto (Amparo Noguera): A bisexual woman from high class, dies in a local event organized by her, her body was found inside an aquarium.
* Blanca Gordon (Elvira López): Has a son named Nicolás. Blanca is wanted by the police, because of drug trafficking, and while followed by the police she suffers a wound, so she ended up in a clinic, where days later she is found dead by a nurse.
* Amalia Vieyra (Yamila Reyna): Argentine model, 30 years old. She worked in prostitution. Was killed while Eva Zanetti was listening with her cellular phone, was found dead inside a Jacuzzi in a motel.
* Rocío Lynch (Katyna Huberman): 30 years old, a professional woman and divorced for only 3 months, she was pregnant (but nobody knew it). Was friend with Tatiana and Camila Wood since childhood, she had a sexual relationship with Benjamín Morandé. Was found dead inside a car (Audi) in a local residential county called Lo Barnechea.
* Eva Zanetti (Paola Volpato): Police detective. She was in charge of the investigation, and after the trail of the Psychopath called "El Cazador" ("the hunter"), that ended up being Julián, with whom she maintained a close sexual relationship. Was found in a park, dressed in a black dress, that will be key in the end of the story.
*Daniela Franco (Antonia Zegers): Leader/monitor of a group of addicts where Rodrigo Quintana attended. She was separated, and had 2 daughters, with whom she had no real relation because in her past she was addicted to drugs. She meet Julián García, when he almost runs her over with his car, after the incident, he presents himself with a fake name, (Daniel Vidal) and they became friends, until she discovers his real identity. Was found dead in the bed of doctor Rodrigo Quintana.
*Mauricio Ossa (Andrés Velasco): Journalist who was investigating the case, was captured by Julián when he was coming out from his house with a picture of Julián's mother. He died decapitated and in pieces by Julián by the means of a chainsaw. It is said that this is the new method or style from the killer.
*Gas attendant at a local gas station (identified with the initials R.N.P.): A person who tried to help Matilde while she was trying to run away from Julián in a gas station, Julián took a knife and murdered him without hesitation.
*Tatiana Wood (Luz Valdivieso): ex wife of Benjamín, was murdered after having sex with Julián, because she needed to have a excuse to make Benjamín pay for his actions. Was found by Benjamín in the pool of her house.

"Other Victims (not dead)"

*Benjamín Morandé (Francisco Pérez-Bannen). Was blamed of being the "cazador" because of his relations with two of the victims, the two women that he had sexual relations were María Gracia Carpenter and Rocío Lynch. He was also a victim with the dead of his ex wife Tatiana Wood(Luz Valdivieso), murdered after she had a sexual relation with Julián García (Alvaro Rudolphy.)
*Accused of killing:

  • María Gracia Carpenter Basoalto: Because they were lovers.
  • Rocío Lynch: Because they were lovers.
  • Tatiana Wood: Because she was his wife.

    *Piedad Estévez (Sigrid Alegría). Was blamed of being the assassin, by the detectives, specifically for the death of Blanca Gordon.
    *Accused of killing:

  • Blanca Gordon: Because she hated her, and they were found residues of her blood in the nails of Blanca Gordon.

    *Rodrigo Quintana(Francisco Melo). Was charged in court of being the killer, after Julián left Daniela (one of the victims) in Rodrigo's bed, dead and full of blood. Because of this he was incarcerated, but later this was revoked because of his attendance to drug rehabilitation clinic.
    *Accused of killing:

  • Daniela Franco: They were great friends, and because she was found in his bed.


    Julián García, after putting Piedad to sleep, takes her and little Sofía to a near by factory, with the intentions of revealing his identity to her, and trying to gain her confidence to try to scape. While Rodrigo escapes from police after they were looking for him for the death of Tatiana, he follows Julián to the factory, where he speaks to the cops, who already found out that the fingerprints belong to Julián. Rodrigo enters the factory and confronts Julián, who wounds him with a knife, and sprays gasoline on him in order to burn him alive. Rodrigo fights off the attack and Piedad escapes. Finally, Julián lights up Rodrigo and when Julián tries to escape, Rodrigo pushes him inside the factory, breaking some gas pipes. The factory then explodes. Julián García comes out walking from the factory, and is killed by Benjamín, after he takes a gun from a detective and shoots while the killer was burning alive.

    The final is wide open: Rodrigo ends up with part of his face burned, and we do not know if he gains back Piedad's love, and also nobody knows what happened to the Matilde situation. Also, it is obvious that Benjamín would go to jail for killing Julián, but this is not shown.

    Pablo Illanes has explicitly said that there will not be a sequel to the soap opera, because it will not be appropriate with his spirit.


    * Alvaro Rudolphy - Julián García
    * Sigrid Alegría - Piedad Estévez
    * Francisco Melo - Rodrigo Quintana
    * Francisco Perez-Bannen - Benjamín Morandé
    * Paola Volpato - Comisario Eva Zanetti (Víctima 5)
    * Claudio Arredondo - Pedro Pablo Peñafiel
    * Francisca Imboden - Josefa “Pepi“ Morandé
    * Alejandra Fosalba - Matilde Larraín
    * Andrés Velasco - Mauricio Ossa
    * Luz Valdivieso - Tatiana Wood (Víctima 9)
    * Celine Raimond - Camila Wood
    * Romina Mena - Lucy Figueroa
    * Adela Calderón - Yoyita
    * Pablo Striano - Detective Carvajal
    * Maximiliano Salgado - Emilio García
    * Catalina Castelblanco - Amparo (Hija de Eva)
    * Julio Mogavero - Detective Julio

    Special Appearances

    * María José León - Ángela Argento (Víctima 2)
    * Ángela Vallejos - Elvira Romero (Víctima 1)
    * Amparo Noguera - María Gracia Carpenter Basoalto (Víctima 3)
    * Elvira López - Blanca Gordon (Víctima 4)
    * Katyna Huberman - Rocío Lynch (Víctima 6)
    * Andrés Reyes - DJ
    * Juan José Gurruchaga - Fiscal Ángel Montalva
    * Karin Vodanovic - Atacante de Camila
    * Antonia Zegers - Daniela Franco (Víctima 8)
    * Yamila Reyna - Amalia Vieyra (Víctima 5)
    * Maité Pascal - Corredora de propiedades
    * Hugo Vásquez - Baltasar. Se culpó de ser el asesino (Amigo detenido de Rodrigo)
    * Peggy Cordero - Nina Chadwick (Clienta de Tatiana y Matilde)
    * Humberto Gallardo - Padre Mariano
    * Natalia Aragonese - Amiga de Camila
    * Tanja Zarhi - Enfermera
    * Hernán Vallejo - Daniel Vidal
    * Javier Baldassari- Nicolás Gordon

    Music Bands

    #Juego de seducción (Soda Stereo)
    #Atado a un sentimiento (Miguel Mateos)
    #Por el resto (Los Enanitos Verdes)
    #Tom y Jerry (Cinema)
    #Los dinosaurios (Charly García)
    #Pronta entrega (Virus)
    #Mi vida vale más (Valija Diplomática)
    #Desnudita es mejor (Divina Gloria)
    #Aire de todos (GIT)
    #Cleopatra, reina del twist (Fabiana Cantilo)
    #Canción animal (Gustavo Cerati)
    #Tus viejas cartas (Los Enanitos Verdes)
    #Sigues dando vueltas (La Rue Morgue)
    #Whisky a go-go (Roupa Nova)
    #Puedo sentirlo (David Lebon)
    #La rubia tarada (Sumo)
    #Debajo del puente (Ariel Rot)
    #When I see you smile (Bad English, (canción con la que "el cazador" asesina a sus víctimas)


    At the end of july and beginning of august, the government spoke on several opportunities, about the violence shown in this soap opera. According to Chilean official José Antonio Viera-Gallo, there are a couple of chilean shows that deserve criticism, one of them is the mentioned soap opera, "because there are a series of infractions, one after another (...) I'm not saying that this will affect Chilean society, but in my opinion a public channel should not show such atrocities". He added that this did not mean that he was for Censored events, and that this is only a personal opinion, and not because he is a chilean official. "Away from me all censored events, in the contrary, but in general the public channels, this type of scenes can not be shown, all because of its violence", he said. His comments had all kinds of discussions, one of them was from Daniel Urrea, a chilean personality known as MR.TV who answered by the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias: "It is an exaggeration, the critiques by Viera Gallo, people always blame television for anything"..."Julián in real life would not have had so much success with his crimes". Without doubt, this soup opera did not pass inadvertent.


    * Everyone of Julián's victims had last names of famous horror cinema directors (George Romero, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Darío Argento, etc). Pablo Illanes is a fan of the genre, and by this means he wanted to show appreciation to his inspiration.

    *The daughters of the couple Pedro Pablo Peñafiel and Josefa "Pepi" Morandé, have the last names of Peñafiel Morandé, that are the last names of chilean TV personality Kike Morandé.

    * It was the first chilean Soap Opera to debut first on the INTERNET and later on TV: the first episode was available in several hours prior to the official debut.

    * The Hunter, would always play the song When I see you smile, favorite song of Piedad and Rodrigo when they were young, and because Julián hated that love; he would put that song on in order to kill that love too.

    *In December of 2007, the television channel released the entire soap opera Alguien te Mira in DVD format.

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