Blackbody infrared radiative dissociation

Blackbody infrared radiative dissociation

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acronym = BIRD
classification =Mass spectrometry
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related = Infrared multiphoton dissociation
Collision-induced dissociation
Electron capture dissociation
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In mass spectrometry blackbody infrared radiative dissociation (BIRD) is a method for fragmenting gas phase ions for tandem mass spectrometric analysis (structural elucidation). BIRD uses the light from black body radiation to thermally (vibrationally) excite the ions until a bond breaks.cite journal |author=Schnier PD, Price WD, Jockusch RA, Williams ER |title=Blackbody Infrared Radiative Dissociation of Bradykinin and Its Analogues: Energetics, Dynamics, and Evidence for Salt-Bridge Structures in the Gas Phase |journal= Journal of the American Chemical Society|volume=118 |issue=30 |pages=7178–7189 |year=1996 |pmid=16525512 |doi=10.1021/ja9609157] cite journal |author=Dunbar RC |title=BIRD (blackbody infrared radiative dissociation): evolution, principles, and applications |journal=Mass spectrometry reviews |volume=23 |issue=2 |pages=127–58 |year=2004 |pmid=14732935 |doi=10.1002/mas.10074] This is very similar to infrared multiphoton dissociation with the exception of the source of radiation.cite journal |author=Sleno L, Volmer DA |title=Ion activation methods for tandem mass spectrometry |journal=Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS |volume=39 |issue=10 |pages=1091–112 |year=2004 |pmid=15481084 |doi=10.1002/jms.703] This technique is most often studied in Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry.

See also

*Infrared multiphoton dissociation
*Collision-induced dissociation
*Electron capture dissociation


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