Franks (disambiguation)

Franks (disambiguation)

The Franks were medieval Germanic tribes.

Franks may also refer to:

* Crusaders or any persons originating in Catholic western Europe, in medieval Middle Eastern history
* USS "Franks" (DD-554), a United States Navy warship
* Frankfurter, as another name used to refer to hot dogs
* Franc, a unit of currency ("Frank" in Dutch, "Franken" in German and Swiss)
* Frank's Red Hot, a brand of hot sauce
* Frank's Nursery & Crafts, a defunct U.S. lawn & garden retailer.


*Augustus Wollaston Franks
*Bob Franks
*Bobby Franks
*Bubba Franks
*Carl Franks
*Cecil Franks
*Charles Franks
*David Franks (David Salisbury Franks), aide-de-camp of Benedict Arnold
*David Franks (loyalist), prominent Loyalist in the American Revolution
*Dick Franks
*Frederick M. Franks, Jr.
*Herman Franks
*Jimmy Franks, real name of musician Jimmy Pop
*Lynne Franks
*Michael Franks
*Oliver Shewell Franks
*Paul Franks
*Philip Franks
*Randall Franks
*Stephen Franks
*Tanya Franks
*Trent Franks
*Tillman Franks
*Tommy Franks, U.S. general
*Wilbur R. Franks
*William Sadler Franks

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