Grupo VYCEA, Argentine Air Force

Grupo VYCEA, Argentine Air Force

Grupo VYCEA is the Spanish acronym for Grupo Vigilancia y Control del Espacio Aéreo ( _en. Air Space's Surveillance and Control Group). Grupo VYCEA is a group of the Argentine Air Force, headquartered at Parque San Martín, Merlo since 1952.

Grupo VYCEA, or just VYCEA, operates a military radar base that occupies a total area of 240 Ha. The core of the base is an old radar bought to Bendix Corporation in 1976. The radar is mounted on the top of a 23 meters high tower and it’s erected over a subterranean bunker that contains the main control room.

In this room the information captured by military radars deployed along the Argentine border is collected and processed in real time by a recently acquired computerized system.

The group depends directly from the Air Operations Command (Spanish: Comando de Operaciones Aéreas) and it’s commanded by a commodore (Spanish: "comodoro"), a rank equivalent to Group Captain in the RAF and colonel in the USAF.

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