Indochinese Hog Deer

Indochinese Hog Deer

name = Indochinese Hog Deer
status = DD
status_system = iucn2.3
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Mammalia
ordo = Artiodactyla
familia = Cervidae
subfamilia = Cervinae
genus = "Axis"
species = "A. porcinus"
subspecies = "A. p. annamiticus"
trinomial = "Axis porcinus annamiticus"
trinomial_authority = (Heude, 1888)

The Indochinese Hog Deer or Thai Hog Deer ("Axis porcinus annamiticus") is a species of deer native to Cambodia, Laos, People's Republic of China and Vietnam. It has been extirpated from Thailand.

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