American Media (publisher)

American Media (publisher)

company_name = American Media, Inc.
company_slogan =
company_type = Private
foundation = 1936
location = Boca Raton, Florida
key_people = Joe Weider
num_employees = 3,160 (2006)
industry = Media
products = Newspapers Magazines
revenue = $1.597 billion USD (2006)
homepage = []

American Media, Inc., is a publisher of a number of major United States-based magazines and supermarket tabloids.

Company background

American Media's corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, figured prominently in news headlines in late 2001, after an anthrax attack was perpetrated on the company. Since then the corporate headquarters have moved to New York City at 1 Park Avenue in Manhattan. The CEO, David J. Pecker, now travels between the Boca Raton and New York office while managing the company.

American Media also owns Distribution Services, Inc., an in-store magazine merchandising company.

Roger Altman, through Evercore Partners, bought a controlling stake in American Media in 1999. [ [ The Clintonite who owns National Enquirer] Ben Smith, "Politico", October 11, 2007]


* "The National Enquirer"
* "Star"
* "Globe"
* "National Examiner"
* "Sun"
* "Weekly World News" (print edition ended as of August 2007)
* "Country Weekly"
* "¡Mira!"
* "Auto World Weekly"
* "Muscle & Fitness"
* "Muscle & Fitness Hers"
* "Shape"
* "Men's Fitness"
* "Flex"
* "Looking Good"


External links

* [ American Media, Inc.] official website

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