Berlin (band)

Berlin (band)

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Origin = Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre = New Wave (early)
Industrial rock (post-reunion)
Years_active = 1979–1987
Label = Geffen
Associated_acts = The Big F
Current_members = Terri Nunn Mitchell Sigman Carlton Bost Chris Olivas
Past_members = David Diamond Rod Learned John Crawford Matt Reid Ric Olsen
Rob Brill Virginia Macolino Toni Childs
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Berlin is an American new wave band featuring lead singer Terri Nunn.


Berlin was formed in Orange County, California in the late 1970s. Their first single, "A Matter of Time," was released in 1980 on I.R.S. Records and featured replacement vocalist Virginia Macolino on lead vocals after Terri Nunn had temporarily left the band to pursue an acting career (Nunn at one point auditioned for the role of Princess Leia in the movie Star Wars [ Internet Movie Database Entry for Terri Nunn] ] ). They were then signed to independent label Enigma Records where they had their first significant hit: the controversial synth-driven "Sex (I'm A...)" (1982), which was banned by some radio stations due to its graphic lyrics. Later "Take My Breath Away" (from the movie "Top Gun") became their best-selling single in 1986 and a huge international hit. They had two other hits: "The Metro" and "No More Words", whose subsequent video saw Terri Nunn and bandmates re-enact a Bonnie and Clyde style car chase and shoot-out.

Aside from Nunn, the core members of the band were founding member John Crawford (primary songwriter, bass guitar & Synthesizer), and David Diamond (Synthesizer & guitar). Other members of the band included Ric Olsen (lead guitar), Matt Reid (Synthesizer), Rob Brill (drums: 1982–1987) and Rod Learned (drums: 1979–1982). Berlin's breakout EP, 1982's "Pleasure Victim", featured core members Nunn, Crawford, and Diamond, as well as drummer, synthesist and producer Dan Van Patten and guitarist Chris Ruiz-Velasco, the latter two founding members along with Crawford. As Pleasure Victim took off, however, Van Patten and Ruiz-Velasco parted ways with Nunn, Crawford, and Diamond. Berlin officially disbanded in 1987, partly due to the lack of success of their album "Count Three and Pray" despite its major hit "Take My Breath Away"; and Nunn retained the legal rights to usage of the band's name after legal wranglings with the founding member of the group, John Crawford. Terri Nunn recreated Berlin (with a new lineup of musicians) in 1999.

In 2000–2001 Berlin contributed to several artist tribute albums. The only track to make it on to a full Berlin release is a cover of Marilyn Manson's "The Dope Show", which is included on Berlin's "4play" album as well as the Marilyn Manson tribute album "Anonymous Messiah" (2001 Vitamin Records). Other tributes include material by Madonna and Blondie.

The classic version of Berlin was featured on the VH1 show, "Bands Reunited" where all members (except for Rob Brill) agreed to not only reunite as friends but as a band. They played one show at The Roxy in California to a sold-out crowd.


*"Information" (1980)
*"Pleasure Victim" (EP) (1982, Enigma Records re-released on Geffen Records in 1983) #30 US
*"Love Life" (1984) #28 US, #55 AUS
*"Count Three And Pray" (1986) #62 US, #38 AUS
*"Dancing In Berlin" (1987)
*"Best Of Berlin 1979-1988" (1988)
*"Master Series" (1997)
*"Fall Into Heaven" (1999)
*"Fall Into Heaven 2" (1999)
*"Greatest Hits Remixed" (2000)
*"LIVE: Sacred & Profane" (2000)
*"Voyeur" (2002)
*"4Play" (2005)


From "Information" :
* "A Matter of Time" (1980)
* "Fascination" (1980)From "Pleasure Victim" :
* "Tell Me Why" (1981)
* "Sex (I'm A...)" (1982) #62 US, #5 Canada, #81 Australia (Double A side with 'The Metro')
* "The Metro" (1983) #58 US, #81 Australia (Double A side with 'Sex (I'm A...)')
* "Masquerade" (1983) #82 USFrom "Love Life" :
* "No More Words" (1984) #23 US, #1 NZ, #23 AUS
* "Now It's My Turn" (1984) #74 US
* "Dancing In Berlin" (1984) #12 NZ, #39 AUS
* "Touch" (1985)From "Count Three and Pray" :
* "Take My Breath Away" (1986) #1 US, #1 UK, #2 Australia, #4 Austria, #2 France, #3 Germany, #1 Ireland, #5 Italy, #1 Netherlands, #4 Norway, #2 South Africa, #2 Sweden, #2 Switzerland
* "Like Flames" (1986) #82 US, #47 UK, #36 Germany, #18 Australia
* "You Don't Know" (1986) #39 UK
* "Pink and Velvet" (1986)From "Voyeur" :
* "Blink of an Eye" (2002)
* "With a Touch" (2003)

In the UK, "Take My Breath Away" was re-released twice: in 1988, it charted at #52, and in 1990, it reached #3.

"No More Words" was also included as the B-side of Madonna's #1 hit of 1985, "Crazy for You". Both songs were part of the soundtrack for the film "Vision Quest". Nonetheless, "No More Words" is not included in the soundtrack album.

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