Amiga video connector

Amiga video connector

Infobox connector
name=Amiga video connector
type=Analogue audio and video connector

caption=A male DB23M connector (23-pin)
audio_signal=Line level Stereo
video_signal=Analogue RGB and Digital Red-Green-Blue-Intensity

pinout_caption=Male connector seen from the front [cite web|title=Amiga Auckland Technical DB23 Video|url= 080809 (originally Amiga 3000T manual)]
pin1=XCLK External Clock
pin2=XCLKEN External Clock Enable
pin3=RED Analog Red
pin4=GREEN Analog Green
pin5=BLUE Analog Blue
pin6=DI Digital Intensity (47 Ohm)
pin7=DB Digital Blue (47 Ohm)
pin8=DG Digital Green (47 Ohm)
pin9=DR Digital Red (47 Ohm)
pin10=CSYNC Composite Sync
pin11=HSYNC Horizontal Sync (47 Ohm)
pin12=VSYNC Vertical Sync (47 Ohm)
pin13=GNDRTN Return for XCLKEN
pin14=ZD Zero Detect (47 Ohm)
pin15=C1 Clock Out
pin21=-12 Volt DC (50 mA)
pin22=+12 Volt DC (100 mA)
pin23=+5 Volt DC (100 mA)

The Amiga video connector is used on all Commodore Amiga computers. The DB23 has signals for genlocking, RGB analog video (4096 colours), and a digital Red-Green-Blue-Intensity signal (16 colours).

The refresh frequency is 15 or 75 kHz HSync for standard Amiga video modes. This is not compatible with most VGA monitors. A Multisync monitor is required for some higher resolutions.

The Commodore A520 connects to the video port and outputs composite video and RF video.

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