Tapper (disambiguation)

Tapper (disambiguation)

"Tapper" is a 1983 arcade game released by Bally Midway.

Tapper may also refer to:

* Richard Tapper Cadbury (1768-1860), English abolitionist
* Tapper Zukie (born 1955), Jamaican record producer
* Toddy tapper, one who cultivates palm wine

People with the surname Tapper:

* Brad Tapper (born 1978), Canadian professional ice hockey player
* Bruce Elliot Tapper (21st century), American anthropologist
* Jake Tapper (born 1969), American journalist
* Kain Tapper (1930-2004), Finnish sculptor
* Michael Tapper (21st century), American drummer
* Richard Findlay Tapper (born 1968), former New Zealander freestyle swimmer
* Richard Tapper (21st century), English anthropologist
* Staffan Tapper (born 1948), Swedish footballer
* Walter Tapper (1861-1935), British architect
* Zoe Tapper (born 1981), English actress

ee also

* Cholmondeley-Tapper

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