Toucan crossing

Toucan crossing

A toucan crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing found in the UK that also allows bicycles to be ridden across. Since "two-can", both pedestrians and cyclists, cross together, the name "toucan" was chosen.

Toucan crossings are normally 4 metres (13 feet) wide, instead of the 2.8 metre (9 feet) width of a pelican crossing or puffin crossing. A "green bicycle" is displayed next to the "green man" when cyclists and pedestrians are permitted to cross. As well as this, it is different from a pelican crossing because, before the lights for vehicles go back to green, a steady red and amber are displayed instead of the flashing amber seen on pelican crossings.

The pedestrian/cyclist signal lights may be on the near side of the crossing (like a puffin crossing), or on the opposite side of the road (like a pelican crossing).

Signalled cycle-only crossings exist, linking cycle tracks on opposite sides of the road. You may ride across, but you MUST NOT cross until the green cycle symbol is showing (UK).

Another variation on a toucan crossing is the pegasus crossing for horse riders.


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