List of Lutheran dioceses and archdioceses

List of Lutheran dioceses and archdioceses

This is a List of Lutheran dioceses and archdioceses.


*Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
**Archdiocese of Turku
*Church of Sweden
**Archbishop of Uppsala


*Church of Denmark
**Bishop of Aalbord
**Bishop of Århus
**Bishop of Copenhagen
**Bishop of the Faeroe Islands
**Bishop of Fyens
**Bishop of Greenland
**Bishop of Haderslev
**Bishop of Helsingør
**Bishop of Lolland Falster
**Bishop of Ribe
**Bishop of Roskilde
**Bishop of Viborg
*Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
**Bishop of Espoo
**Bishop of Helsinki
**Bishop of Kuopio
**Bishop of Lapua
**Bishop of Mikkeli
**Bishop of Oulu
**Bishop of Porvoo
**Bishop of Tampere
*Evangelical Church in Germany
**Bishop of Anhalt
**Bishop of Baden
**Bishop in Bavaria
**Bishop of Bavaria and Northwestern Germany
**Bishop of Berlin and Brandenburg
**Bishop of Bremen
**Bishop of Brunswick
**Bishop of Hanover
**Bishop of Hesse and Nassau
**Bishop of the Hesse Electorate and Waldeck
**Bishop of Lippe
**Bishop of Mecklenburg
**Bishop of the North Elbe
**Bishop of Oldenburg
**Bishop of the Palatinate
**Bishop of Pomerania
**Bishop of the Rhineland
**Bishop of Saxony
**Bishop of Schaumburg-Lippe
**Bishop of Silesian Oberlausitz
**Bishop of Thuringia
**Bishop of Westphalia
**Bishop of Württemberg
*National Church of Iceland
**Bishop of Iceland
**List of Hólar bishops
*Church of Norway
**Bishop of Agder og Telemark
**Bishop of Bjørgvin
**Bishop of Borg
**Bishop of Hamar
**Bishop of Møre
**Bishop of Nidaros (formerly Archbishop)
**Bishop of Nord-Hålogaland
**Bishop of Oslo
**Bishop of Tunsberg
**Bishop of Sør-Hålogaland
**Bishop of Stavanger
*Evangelical Lutheran Church of Poland
**Bishop of Cieszyn
**Bishop of Katowice
**Bishop of Masuria
**Bishop of Pomerania-Greater Poland
**Bishop of Warsaw
**Bishop of Wrocław
*Church of Sweden
**Bishop of Gothenburg
**Bishop of Härnösand
**Bishop of Karlstad
**Bishop of Linköping
**Bishop of Luleå
**Bishop of Lund
**Bishop of Skara
**Bishop of Stockholm
**Bishop of Strängnäs
**Bishop of Visby
**Bishop of Västerås
**Bishop of Växjö


*Bishopric of Samland
*Bishopric of Pomesania

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