Ask price

Ask price

Ask price, also called offer price, offer, asking price, or simply ask, is the price a seller states she or he will accept for a good.

The seller may qualify the stated asking price as firm or negotiable. Firm means the seller is saying he or she won't change the price. Negotiable means the seller is inviting the potential buyer to attempt to convince the seller to lower the price.

In bid and ask, the term ask price is used in contrast to the term bid price. The difference between the bid price and the ask price is called the spread.


Stock exchange

In the context of stock trading on a stock exchange, the ask price is the lowest price a seller of a stock is willing to accept for a share of that given stock. For over-the-counter stocks, the asking price is the best quoted price at which a market maker is willing to sell a stock.[1]

Mutual funds

For mutual funds, the asking price is the net asset value plus any sales charges. It is also called asked price or offering price or ask.[1]


The ask price is the lowest price a seller of a commodity is willing to accept for that commodity.[1]


In auctions the ask price is the reservation price. Some auctions may not have such a price. This price is the minimum that the seller will agree to for the object being sold.

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