Fractal analysis

Fractal analysis

Fractal analysis is the modelling of data by fractals.It consists of methods to assign a fractal dimension and other fractal characteristics to a signal, dataset or object which may be sound, images, molecules, networks or other data.Fractal analysis is now widely used in all areas of science.


Applications of fractal analysis include: [cite web|url=|title=Applications|accessdate=2007-10-21]
* Classification of histopathology slides in medicine
* Fractal landscape or Coastline complexity
* Enzyme/enzymology (Michaelis-Menten kinetics)
* Generation of new music
* Generation of various art forms
* Signal and image compression
* Seismology
* Fractal in soil mechanics
* Computer and video game design, especially computer graphics for organic environments and as part of procedural generation
* Fractography and fracture mechanics
* Fractal antennas — Small size antennas using fractal shapes
* Small angle scattering theory of fractally rough systems
* Neo-hippies' t-shirts and other fashion
* Generation of patterns for camouflage, such as MARPAT
* Digital sundial
* Technical analysis of price series (see Elliott wave principle)

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