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image_caption = A Volvo B7TL with East Lancs Myllennium Vyking (convertible open-top) bodywork in the newest livery
company_slogan = "Serving coast and countryside"
founded = 1915
headquarters = Poole, Dorset, England
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service_area = Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire
service_type = Rural, urban and interurban
destinations = Bournemouth, New Forest, Poole, Salisbury, Southampton, Weymouth
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operator = Go-Ahead Group
ceo = Alex Carter
website = [http://www.wdbus.co.uk/ www.wdbus.co.uk]

Wilts & Dorset Bus Company is a bus company in England covering Poole, Bournemouth, east Dorset, south Wiltshire and west Hampshire. Its local headquarters is in Poole, but it is owned by The Go-Ahead Group, a major UK transport group.


The history of Wilts & Dorset is an interesting one, with its name both appearing and disappearing from the sides of buses. Its history is inextricably linked to that of erstwhile south coast operator, Hants & Dorset.

Early years

Wilts & Dorset was incorporated in 1915, growing rapidly in the Andover, Amesbury, Blandford Forum, Pewsey and Salisbury areas. The Southern Railway and Thomas Tilling obtaining shares in 1931, with Wilts & Dorset subsequently passing into full state ownership in 1948. It acquired Venture of Basingstoke in 1950, with a reorganisation following the voluntary nationalisation of Venture’s parent, Red & White. Wilts & Dorset acquired the notable independent Silver Star of Porton Down in 1963.

Hants & Dorset

Although its predecessor dates from 1916, the Hants & Dorset name emerged in 1920, to reflect the company's operating aspirations that would eventually span from Poole to Fareham via Southampton. It, too, was nationalised in 1948, as a result of the Southern Railway's half-shares, from 1929.

1963 saw a common management structure at Hants & Dorset for both companies, a subsequent fleet renumbering and, upon both passing to the National Bus Company in 1969, a complete merger in 1972 under the Hants & Dorset name, the only concession to the disappearing Wilts & Dorset undertaking being the adoption throughout of a red livery akin to Wilts & Dorset's, Hants & Dorset's heretofore being green.


The logical outworking of NBC's Market Analysis Project was to divide larger operators into units more fitted to their markets. This resulted in the re-emergence in 1983 of Wilts & Dorset, one of three operators then carved from the defunct Hants & Dorset. The new Wilts & Dorset's operating area was considerably larger than its older namesake, including Swanage, Poole, Bournemouth, Lymington and Salisbury, but not Basingstoke.


With the sale of the National Bus Company (NBC), Wilts & Dorset passed to its management in 1987 and, in this independent form, survived longer than most other ex-NBC operators, till the unexpected sale in 2003 to the Go-Ahead Group. This was the existing management team's preference, owing to the way in which Go-Ahead continued to foster individuality.

A period of expansion occurred from November 2005 with the adoption of quality 'more' services, competing with what is now Transdev Yellow Buses. Other incursions eastward to Bournemouth at the time were soon withdrawn, however.

After Southern Vectis (SV) and sister company Solent Blue Line (SBL) were purchased by Go-Ahead in late 2005, a Go-Ahead inspired south coast reorganisation in 2006 brought Wilts & Dorset's management, along with SV and SBL, as part of the new Go South Coast division. All continue to trade under their local names, but this partnership has resulted in buses being moved from depot to depot and from company to company.

In June 2006, Wilts & Dorset conducted 'a big network change' in the Poole area, with some routes merged with others, some renumbered or some withdrawn. Subsequently, further rationalisation has taken place, with a number of long-established routes being fundamentally changed, withdrawn or passed to other operators.


Wilts & Dorset operates a large number of services in East Dorset, West Hampshire and South Wiltshire.

In December 2006 Wilts & Dorset were fined £28,000 after a check of 1,000 journeys between November 2005 and January 2006 found many services ran late and some did not turn up at all. [ [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/6177337.stm Bus firms fined for late services] BBC On-line - 13 December 2006]

More buses

More is an award winning service launched in December 2004 as part of £4 million investment. 'More' replaced services 101 to 105 between Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch and services 155, 156 and 157 between Poole and Canford Heath. The service was originally due to launch in October 2004 but due to a driver shortage this was postponed until December 2004. The original 'more' buses carry a livery of mostly dark blue with red at the back; on the ends they carry different slogans such as "looks like a bus, works like a dream" with pictures of animals such as penguins, rabbits and dolphins. All 'more' buses are air-conditioned with many seats in a 2-1 layout. The service launched with 30 Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban single-deck buses.

Such was the success of the 'more' services it was decided that the frequency on m1 and m2 was to be increased and the m1 extended to the Castlepoint shopping centre on the outskirts of Bournemouth from the Bournemouth Travel Interchange (the railway station). With only 30 'more' branded buses in the fleet at the time, the 'more' branded routes to Canford Heath were discontinued, using Wilts & Dorset standard liveried Optare Excels instead with the 'm' dropped from the route number. For the Canford Heath routes to become 'more' route again a batch of Mercedes-Benz Citaros were ordered - the original 'more' buses were going to be Citaros, but it was thought that Volvo would offer a quicker delivery time even though they were the same price. It is a common misconception that the Citaros were ordered because it was thought that Wrightbus would not be able to deliver the number of buses in the timescale required. The livery of the Citaros differs slightly in that they do not carry the pictures of animals and the slogans on the back of the bus. Up until the delivery of the Citaros it was rare to see a 'more' bus not on a 'more' route but the 'more' Citaro's can be seen on a number of the normal routes. Optare Excels are often seen standing in for the usual 'more' buses.

Further changes to the routes occurred on 25 May 2008, with the m2 being withdrawn from Burton and Somerford. The route to Burton has been replaced by route X12; Somerford is left with only Transdev Yellow Buses services.

From 30 May 2008, the m1 and m2 has run every half hour throughout the night on Fridays and Saturdays, operating under the 'Nightbus' sub-brand.

In August 2008, Wilts & Dorset (using the 'more' brand) are sponsoring the Bournemouth Air Show. There is a large amount of publicity surrounding the event, with the company's name appearing in numerous places. In March 2008, one of the 'more' buses was repainted in a special blue advertising livery to promote the event. Advertising boards have appeared in many places, and in around mid-August signs for the event were stuck to most Wilts & Dorset vehicles, as well as many fellow Go South Coast company Bluestar buses. The other sponsor for the event is Bournemouth based Excelsior coaches. [ [http://www.bournemouth.co.uk/xxl/_lang/en/_site/pleasure/_area/beach/_subArea/774929/_articleId/891096/index.html Bournemouth Air Show - The sponsors] Accessed August 16 2008.]

The current 'more' routes are:
* m1: Poole - Bournemouth - Castlepoint via Lower Parkstone, Upper Parkstone and Charminster
* m2: Poole - Bournemouth - Boscombe via Upper Parkstone:"Until 25 May 2008, this service continued to Christchurch and Burton or Somerford. This section of the route has partially been replaced by service X12."
* m5: Poole - Canford Heath - Tollerford Road via Oakdale:"From 4 June 2006, m5 was rerouted along Wimborne Road instead of via Park Gates"

* m6: Poole - Canford Heath - Tower Park via Oakdale

Former 'more' routes:
* m7: Poole - Canford Heath - Nuffield Industrial Estate via Oakdale:"m7 was dropped as part of the Poole route restructuring from 4 June 2006. Service on m5 and m6 increased as a result."


PulseLine is a service similar to 'more' which uses a fleet of 8 Mercedes-Benz Citaros to provide an enhanced service to Salisbury District Hospital. The Citaros for this service carry the new standard Wilts & Dorset livery, mostly red with dark blue toward the rear, with large PulseLine branding on the sides and rear.

The PulseLine services are:
* Salisbury - District Hospital - Downton - Woodfalls
* District Hospital - Salisbury City Centre - Bemerton Heath


* 8: Salisbury - Boscombe Down - Amesbury - Tidworth - Andover

Activ8 is a joint half hourly service between Salisbury and Andover via Tidworth operated in partnership with Stagecoach South and supported by Wiltshire and Hampshire County Councils. The Activ8 brand was launched in February 2007. Wilts & Dorset primarily use specially branded low floor Optare Spectras on the route.


Unilinx is the brand name for service contracted to Wilts & Dorset by Bournemouth University. Wilts & Dorset won the contract to run buses to Bournemouth University from Yellow Buses. Unilinx buses are normally double-deck painted in the 'more' livery except with Unilinx branding and maps on the side. Unilinx buses are a common sight on non-Unilinx services especially on service 152 where ELC Myllennium Vyking buses run open top through out the summer.

1 October 2007 saw the start of a new Unilinx route between the Talbot Campus and Seldown Bridge in Poole. This is an express route, stopping only at the Talbot Campus, Branksome Pottery Junction, Park Gates Commercial Road and Seldown Bridge.

The current routes are:
* A: Alum Chine - Westbourne - Bournemouth Triangle - Talbot Campus
* B: Southbourne - Boscombe - Lansdowne Campus - Talbot Campus
* C: Boscombe - Charminster - Moordown - Ensbury Park - Talbot Campus
* D: Talbot Campus - Oxford Road (near Bournemouth railway station)
* E: Talbot Campus - Poole Seldown Bridge

Unilinx also includes service 15.

Wimborne Flyer

* 3: Poole - Broadstone - Wimborne/Leigh Park

The Wimborne Flyer, also known as service 3, replaced the Poole to Wimborne section of service 132 after the major restructuring of Poole services in June 2006. The service differs from the old service 132 by taking a direct route between Poole and Broadstone, using a faster route through Merley and extending the service from Wimborne Square to the Leigh Park estate. The service when launched was almost exclusively operated by Mercedes-Benz Citaros in the new standard Wilts & Dorset livery, though 'more' Citaros and Wright Eclipse Urbans were often seen. More recently the route has been operated by a mixture of buses including Optare Excels, Solos and Spectras, and even on some occasions Bristol VRs. The service has received criticism from local residents over the change of route, specifically through Merley where the buses now take a narrower but more direct road through the estate. Some criticism has also been aimed at the Citaro buses after a number of accidents, including buses demolishing walls while trying to pass each other on a narrow road [ [http://www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk/search/display.var.942925.0.accident_fears_after_bus_smash.php Accident fears after bus smash] Bournemouth Daily Echo - 28 September 2006] and tearing hanging baskets from walls in Wimborne Square while turning. [ [http://www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk/search/display.var.812510.0.outcry_after_bus_collision.php Outcry after bus collision] Bournemouth Daily Echo - 29 June 2006] A number of Citaros have had their distinctive offside wing mirrors removed and replaced with smaller versions, though it is unclear if any specific incidents have prompted this alteration.

Following numerous complaints, Wilts & Dorset announced that from 29 October 2006 the Wimborne Flyer would be rerouted through Merley, reverting back to part of the old 132 route through Merley Gardens. [ [http://www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk/search/display.var.948285.0.uturn_on_bus_route.php U-turn on bus route] Bournemouth Daily Echo - 2 October 2006]

Poole council has also funded a service to areas within the borough formerly served by the Wilts & Dorset 132. Route 32 runs from Merley, Broadstone and Oakdale to Poole via Fleetsbridge Tescos and Poole Hospital. The service was initially contracted to Roadliner, but from 1 October 2006 has been run by Shamrock Buses.

Further alterations to the Wimborne Flyer were announced in March 2008 and from 6 April 2008 two out of the four buses per hour Monday to Saturday started running via Corfe Mullen rather than Merley with all services also stoping at Broadstone Broadway. Services to and from Leigh Park only run during the morning and evening peak. As a result of these changes from 6 April nearly all service 4 buses terminate at Broadstone.

Route ONE

* Poole Town Service via Falkland Square, Poole Quay and Baiter Park

This is a frequent bus service linking Poole town centre and the hospital with the Old Town and the Quay. It is partially funded by a government grant as part of an initiative to encourage greater use of local bus services in the Borough of Poole. The service also receives sponsorship from the Dolphin Shopping Centre and Poole Town Centre Management.

Prior to the introduction of Route ONE it was not possible to travel between the Bus Station and the Railway Station entrance by bus, nor was there a bus service between the hospital and Poole Old Town and Baiter Park. The service operates every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday usually utilising Route ONE liveried Optare Solo. The 50p fare allows passengers to hop on and off as many times as they like in a day.

Express services

* X2: Marlborough - Hungerford - Newbury:One return journey, Saturday only.

* X3: Bournemouth - Ringwood - Salisbury:A half-hourly service along the direct A338 road

* X7/X71: Salisbury - Southampton:Hourly service, Monday - Saturday. 3 journeys on Sunday.

* X8: Poole - Blandford via Sturminster Marshall:Hourly service, Monday - Saturday. 4 journeys on Sunday. Sunday buses via Lytchett Matravers

* X12: Bournemouth - Royal Bournemouth Hospital - Christchurch - then two buses per hour continue to Burton and two continue to Lymington via New Milton, with one bus running via Ashley and Hordle and the second via Milford on Sea and Everton. Service commenced on 25 May 2008.

* X70: Brockenhurst - Salisbury:One single journey, Monday - Friday.

* X87: Salisbury - Andover:One return journey, school days only.

Former express services

* X4/X5: Salisbury - Stapleford - Warminster - Westbury - Trowbridge - Bradford on Avon - Bath:Run by Wilts & Dorset and First Bus. Replaced by services 24 (W&D) and 264 & 265 (First).

* X13 Bournemouth - Poole - Shaftesbury :Replaced by service 183 and X8.

* X19: Salisbury - Swindon (Saturday Only)

* X33 Poole - Bournemouth - Ringwood - Southampton:Used the direct route between Bournemouth and Ringwood of the A338, and between Ringwood and Southampton of the A31 and the M27. It succeeded the X5, which ran only between Bournemouth and Southampton. After the sale of Wilts & Dorset to Go-Ahead, the X33 route received a number of Plaxton Premiere coaches. These were the first vehicles to receive the new Wilts & Dorset livery. The route was then shortened back to run between Bournemouth and Southampton. The X33 was withdrawn in 2005.

* X34: Poole - Bournemouth - Southampton via Winton, Parley Cross, Ferndown, Ashley Heath, Ringwood and Lyndhurst:This service was originally numbered X2 and jointly operated by Wilts & Dorset and Solent Blue Line. Wilts & Dorset journeys on the route ran between Poole and Southampton, whereas Solent Blue Line journeys only ran between Bournemouth and Southampton. When the X2 was renumbered to X34, all journeys ran only between Bournemouth and Southampton. Solent Blue Line then gave up running the X34 during Mondays to Saturdays but retained the Sunday service. Later the service was completely run by Wilts & Dorset, gradually being run down to just 2 per day to and from Southampton. The X34 was withdrawn on 6 January 2008.

* X35: Ringwood - Southampton via Lyndhurst:This service (originally numbered X1) used to run from Bournemouth via Winton, Kinson, Bear Cross, Ferndown and St Ives. This, in conjunction with the X34 (originally X2), provided an hourly service between Bournemouth and Southampton. When the X34 was withdrawn, the X35 provided 5 journeys per day, Mondays to Saturdays only, with customers from Bournemouth needing to change at Ringwood. Most journeys also only went as far as Lyndhurst, so passengers to Southampton needed to change at Lyndhurst. The X35 was replaced on 27 May 2008 by Velvet services 300 and 35.

* X36: Poole - Ferndown - Verwood - Ringwood - Bournemouth:Replaced with services 36 and 37 on 6 January 2008.

* X81: Salisbury - Ringwood - Swanage (Summer Only):Withdrawn 2 July 2006.

* X84: Salisbury - Coombe Bissett - Blandford - Dorchester - Weymouth (Summer Only):Withdrawn 2nd Sunday in September 2006.

* X98: Hindon - Tisbury - Dinton - Barford - Salisbury (Summer Only):Withdrawn end of 2005.

* X99: Trowbridge - Westbury - Warminster - Stapleford - Salisbury (Summer Only):Withdrawn end of 2005.

tandard Dorset and Hampshire services

From 4 June 2006 the network around Poole was restructured in the most widespread change to the local bus network since 1978. The changes caused some controversy, with some areas losing their services altogether and others having significant reductions in service. Corfe Mullen, for instance, only received a Wilts & Dorset service at peak times, and these were only in being because of subsidies from Dorset County Council. Further changes to the network took place on 3 June 2007, with 4 further changes in 2008.

Current services

* C1/C2: Christchurch town service:Three buses a day, serving some under-served suburbs of Christchurch. This service commenced on 27 May 2008, under contract to Dorset County Council, although Wilts & Dorset did not publicise this route in any way, unlike other route changes at the time. It replaces some of the services that were lost as the 121/123 were changed to the X12.

* 4: Poole - Creekmoor - Waterloo - Broadstone - Corfe Mullen:Replaced services 130 and 131. Originally this was to terminate at Broadstone leaving Corfe Mullen without a Wilts & Dorset bus service. After discussions with Dorset County Council it was extended to Corfe Mullen every half hour throughout the day; the other buses on the route terminating at Broadstone. Since 6 April 2008, nearly all 4s terminate at Broadstone due to the diversion of some Wimborne Flyer services via Corfe Mullen.

* 7A: Talbot View - Upper Parkstone - Tower Park
* 7B: Bloxworth Estate - Upper Parkstone - Tower Park:These services were previously run by Roadliner under contract to the Borough of Poole. Both routes transferred to Wilts & Dorset on 29 October 2006 and are run on their behalf by Damory Coaches.

* 8: Poole - Creekmoor - Upton:Replaced service 92, 94, 97 and 98. Allows passengers for Upton to avoid delays caused by the Poole lifting bridge.

* 9: Poole - Hamworthy - Turlin Moor via Lakeside:Replaced service 91 and parts of 92 and 94.

* 8A/9A: Poole - Creekmoor - Upton - Turlin Moor - Hamworthy:Temporary timetable while Poole Bridge is closed (21 - 29 October 2006). Is likely to be used again for future bridge closures.

* 11: Poole - Foxholes Estate - Alderney - Bear Cross - Kinson:Replaced service 161, originally included journeys to West Moors but these were withdrawn on 6 January 2008.

* 13: Bournemouth - Ferndown - Colehill - Wimborne/Merley:Replaced the Bournemouth to Wimborne section of service 132 and 133.

* 14: Poole - Bourne Estate - Wallisdown - West Howe via Sea View:Replaced service 164 and is combined with route 16 to give higher service frequency on certain parts of the route.

* 15: Poole - Upper Parkstone - Wallisdown - Royal Bournemouth Hospital:Replaced service 165, essentially the longer version of route m1.

* 16: Poole - Alderney - Bourne Estate - Bournemouth Square via Sea View:Replaced service 158, 159 and 160 from Poole to Christchurch but only as far as Bournemouth Square. (It originally ran up to Boscombe as well, but was cut back to Bournemouth Square as a result of the October 2006 timetable change.)

*30 Romsey - Halterworth - Romseyruns mon - sat at 8.55, 9.55, 10.55, 11.55, 1.35, 2.35. Usually operated by an Optare Solo, but weekday 8.55 service operated by Optare Spectra. Saturday is operated by an Optare solo at 8.55, and by one of the four optare delta afterwards.

* 36: BournemouthRingwoodVerwood:Replaced X36 between Bournemouth and Verwood on 6 January 2008, but via Ashley Heath and Three Legged Cross.

* 37: PooleFerndownVerwood:Replaced X36 between Poole and Verwood on 6 January 2008.

* 38: RingwoodSt Leonards - Ferndown Town Centre - Ferndown Heatherlands Estate :Replaced X34/X35 between Ringwood and Ferndown on 6 January 2008.

* 40: Poole - Swanage via Upton, Wareham and Corfe Castle:Replaced service 143 from 25 May 2008.

* 44: Swanage - Worth Matravers - Harman's Cross:Replaced services 142 and 144 from 25 May 2008.

* 50: Bournemouth railway station - Westbourne - Branksome Chine - Canford Cliffs - Compton Acres - Sandbanks - across the entrance of Poole Harbour on the Sandbanks Ferry - Studland - Ulwell - Swanage:Replaced service 150 from 25 May 2008.

* 52: Poole - Lilliput - Compton Acres - Canford Cliffs - Sandbanks:Replaces the Poole-Sandbanks section of service 152, which ceased on 24 May 2008.

* 53: Poole - Lilliput - Compton Avenue - Penn Hill - Westbourne - Bournemouth:Replaced service 151 on 25 May 2008, though takes a different route.

* 56: Lymington - Brockenhurst - Lyndhurst - Hounsdown - Southampton

* 56A: Lymington - Brockenhurst - Lyndhurst - Foxhills - Southampton

* 112: Lymington - Hythe

* 118: Lymington - Everton - Hordle - New Milton - Bransgore - Ringwood:This service only runs on Wednesdays.

* 119: Lymington - Pennington:Now runs every half-hour as from January 2007 as it has also replaced Route 117.

* 120: Lymington - Sway - Lymington - Lymington New Forest Hospital - Lymington:As of January 2007, extra journeys on Route 120 were introduced, along with an extension to replace Route 113 to Lymington New Forset Hospital. Also, the first bus from Sway to Lymington starts at New Milton at 9:13am, and runs via Ashley & Hordle.

* 128: Poole - Sterte - Fleetsbridge Tesco - Creekmoor - Upton Country Park - Dacombe Drive:Three round trips Monday to Saturday. Service 128 originally started in 1998 running 3 days a week between Ashington near Merley and Poole Bus Station. It was funded by the Borough of Poole with a special grant for the provision of rural bus services. The number was later used for another Borough of Poole funded service between Poole Bus Station and Tesco Fleetbridge which started on the 28 August 2005 replacing part of service 129. The route was later extended to Upton Country Park running via Wimborne Road, Oakdale and along Northmead Drive in Creekmoor. Its route was altered on 4 June 2006 to include Sterte, all of Creekmoor Lane and then along Beachbank Avenue and Longmeadow Lane in Creekmoor. On 2 January 2007, this service was altered again to serve Fleetsbridge Tesco and also extended to go past Upton Country Park and serve Dacombe Drive, Meadows Drive and Palmerston Road. Through Sterte and Beachbank Avenue and Longmeadow Lane in Creekmoor the 128 is a replacement for services that used to run up to every 15 minutes. The service is financially supported by Borough of Poole Transportation Services.

* 136: Ringwood - Poulner - Ringwood via Hightown and Parsonage Barn Lane

* 137: Ringwood - Poulner - Ringwood via Hightown and Christchurch Road

* 175: Christchurch - Ringwood via Burton, Bransgore & Sopley

* 176: Christchurch - Ringwood via Burton, Bransgore & Burley

* 184: Weymouth - Dorchester - Blandford Forum - Blandford Camp - Sixpenny Handley - Salisbury

* 185: Blandford Forum - Pimperne - Blandford Camp - Blandford Forum:Operated by Damory Coaches.

* 191: New Milton - Chatsworth Park - New Milton

* 192: New Milton - Hordle - New Milton

* 194: New Milton - Barton on Sea - New Milton

* 195: New Milton - Barton on Sea - New Milton

tandard Wiltshire services

* 1: Salisbury - Woodford Valley - Amesbury
* 2: Salisbury - Great Wishford - Stapleford - Winterbourne Stoke - Shrewton - West Lavington - Devizes connections for Chippenham
* 3: Salisbury - Stonehenge - Shrewton - Devizes
* 4: Devizes - Shrewton - Amesbury - Salisbury
* 5/6/6B: Salisbury - Boscombe Down (not Sundays) - Amesbury - Durrington/Larkhill - Netheravon - Pewsey - Marlborough - Avebury - Swindon (Mondays to Saturdays)
* 10/12/210: Pewsey - Upavon - Devizes
* 13: Upavon - Amesbury
* 14: Amesbury - Tidworth
* 16: Amesbury - Larkhill - Durrington - Amesbury
* 17: Marlborough - Burbage - Marlborough via Cadley, Milton Lilbourne and Wootton Rivers
* 18: Pewsey - Everleigh - Pewsey via The Collingbournes and Upavon
* 19/X19: Salisbury/Pewsey - Marlborough - Swindon via Amesbury, Bulford, Tidworth and Burbage
* 20/20A/22/22A: Marlborough - Bedwyn Rail Station - Hungerford
* 21: Pewsey - Marlborough
* 23: Pewsey/Marlborough - Fosbury
* 24: Berwick St Leonard - Wylye - Salisbury
* 25: Salisbury - Hindon - Mere - Zeals - Bourton
* 25A: Barford St Martin - Wilton/Salisbury
* 26: Salisbury - Fovant - Shaftesbury/Gillingham/Hindon
* 27: Salisbury - Fovant - Shaftesbury
* 29: Salisbury - Chalke Valley - Shaftesbury
* 30: Romsey - Halterworth - Romsey
* 32/33: Romsey - Cupernham - Woodley - Romsey
* 34: Salisbury - Alderbury - Whaddon - Whiteparish - Romsey
* 35: Ampfield/Braishfield - Romsey
* 36: Salisbury - Lockerley - Romsey/Eastleigh
* 39: Nomansland - Romsey
* 40/B: Salisbury - Godshill - Fordingbridge
* 40A: Ringwood - Ogdens - Fordingbridge - Salisbury Icon
* 41: Salisbury - Godshill - Ringwood Icon
* 42: Salisbury - Martin - Damerham - Fordingbridge - Brockenhurst
* 53: Salisbury City Centre - Devizes Road via Wilton Road and Canadian Avenue
* 55: Salisbury City Centre - West Harnham
* 57: Salisbury City Centre - Bishopdown via London Road
* 60/60A/61: Salisbury City Centre - Lower Bemerton/Skew Bridge - Wilton - Ditchampton and/or Bulbridge
* 62: Salisbury City Centre - Pauls Dene
* 63: Salisbury - Winterbournes - Porton - Shipton Bellinger - Tidworth
* 63A/64: Salisbury - Winterbournes - Porton - Idmiston - Shipton Bellinger - Tidworth
* 65: West Wellow - Romsey - Eastleigh
* 66/665: Amesbury - Laverstock Schools
* 66/67: Salisbury - Winterbournes - Porton - Porton Down
* 68: Salisbury - Stockbridge - The Sombornes - Winchester:This service is branded as 'The Cathedral Connection'. Some services are operated under contract to Hampshire County Council.
* 69: Salisbury - Porton Down
* 69A: Salisbury - Old Sarum
* 70: Salisbury - Grateley - Middle Wallop
* 71: Stratford - Salisbury City Centre - Harnham Hill/Netherhampton
* 72: Salisbury City Centre - Laverstock
* 73/63/64: Salisbury City Centre - Bishopdown Farm
* 75: Porton - Amesbury
* 77: Winchester - Stockbridge - Andover
* 78: Salisbury - Ford - Laverstock
* 78A: Salisbury - Ford
* 79: Ford - Salisbury - Ridings Mead
* 84: East Knoyle - Salisbury
* 86: Tisbury - Shaftesbury
* 87/88: Salisbury - Andover/Lopcombe Corner
* 89: Salisbury - Pitton - Firs Road - Winterslow
* 90: Romsey - Stockbridge - Salisbury
* 216: Marlborough Town Centre - Barton Park
* 217: Marlborough Town Service - St Margarets/Rogers Meadow
* 221: Great Bedwyn - Burbage - Pewsey
* 222: East Grafton - Hungerford - Newbury
* 270: Devizes - Easterton - Devizes via Urchfont, West Lavington and Worton

Other services

* Poole Bus Station - Asda:This is a free shuttle service that runs to the new Asda store alongside Holes Bay in Poole. It is operated by Wilts & Dorset sister company Damory Coaches.

* Cango:This is a Hampshire bus service that has a flexible route and the bus can travel here and there as needed. Passengers can phone and book a service to stop at bookable stops if there is not a nearby timed stopping point where Cango services will definitely stop on each journey.

Former Standard Wilts & Dorset routes

In addition to the services in the sections above, there have been a number of changes to Wilts & Dorset services over the years with routes discontinued, replaced, renumbered or altered.

* 6A: Kinson to Bournemouth Square via West Howe, Ensbury Park, Winton, Boscombe and the Travel Interchange:This (very) early morning single journey was under contract to Bournemouth Borough Council. Typically, this journey was operated using a Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban MORE bus. The route was discontinued from 27 May 2008, due to withdrawal of funding.

* 18: Corfe Mullen/Broadstone - Canford Heath - Bournemouth via Waterloo Estate and Upper Parkstone:Replaced service 108 as a result of the 2006 Poole service restructuring, but was originally planned to start at Broadstone rather than Corfe Mullen. However, there were 2 morning journeys from Corfe Mullen to Bournemouth, and 3 journeys in the afternoon to Corfe Mullen from Bournemouth. Also, on Fridays, there were 3 return evening journeys to and from Corfe Mullen to Bournemouth. Wilts & Dorset ceased its services on the route on 28 October 2007. Transdev Yellow Buses now operate the route, but all buses terminate at Broadstone after completing a circuit of what was once service 19; none continue to Corfe Mullen. There is now no service in the evenings or on Sundays.

* 19: Broadstone - Roman Road - West Way - Broadstone:Service 19 was launched to partially fill the gap in service left by the withdrawal of most Corfe Mullen services. It was scheduled to connect with the 4 and the 18 for onward journeys to Poole at Broadstone Broadway. The service was financially supported by Borough of Poole Transportation Services. The service ceased on 27 October 2007 as a Wilts & Dorset route, but was combined with service 18 and operated by Transdev Yellow Buses.

* 31: Fritham/Lyndhurst - Cadnam - Southampton via Winsor, Calmore and Totton:Transferred to Solent Blue Line, now run as Bluestar 11.

* 31A: Fritham/Lyndhurst - Cadnam - Southampton via Woodlands, Netley Marsh and Totton:Transferred to Solent Blue Line, now run as Bluestar 10.

* 47: Poole - Lytchett Matravers:Replacement for services 187, 188 and 189. This service ran every hour on Mondays to Saturdays between Poole and Lytchett Matravers with peak time extensions to Bere Regis, Bloxworth and Morden Monday to Friday. This service operated under contract to Dorset County Council. The service was replaced by Damory Coaches services 347 and 387 from 6 April 2008.

* 80: Wimborne - Middlehill - Wimborne
* 81: Wimborne - Middlehill - Wimborne:These were run by Damory Coaches for a time, but no longer run.

* 82: Blandford - Wimborne - Bournemouth:Replacement for service 182 from 3 June 20 but running Monday to Friday only and considerable reduced service levels. Only one service a day ran to Bournemouth with a return service to Blandford in the evening peak. The service ran via Bournemouth University rather than through Kinson, Moordown and Winton. This service was withdrawn on 25 May 2008.

* 83: Shaftesbury - Blandford - Wimborne - Corfe Mullen:Replacement for service 183 from 3 June 2007, running Monday to Friday only, four services a day, with one a day in each direction doubling as the school bus to and from Allenbourne Middle School in Wimborne. One service a day from Shaftesbury continued from Wimborne Square to Corfe Mullen while two services operated from the village. This service was taken over by North Dorset Community Accessible Transport (NORDCAT) on 25 May 2008.

* 91: Poole - Turlin Moor
* 92: Poole - Upton via Hamworthy
* 93: Poole - Upton via Hamworthy and Lakeside
* 94: Poole - Turlin Moor - Upton via Hamworthy and Lakeside:These services were replaced by routes 8 and 9.

*95/95A: Poole - Canford Heath (Tollerford Road) via Oakdale. Some services extended to Wimborne.
*96/96A: Poole - Canford Heath (Culliford Crescent) - Tower Park via Oakdale:These services were introduced to serve the then new housing estate of Canford Heath. These routes faced competition from Badgerline who briefly operated in the Poole and Bournemouth area between mid-1987 and February 1988. From 1989 these routes, along with many other Poole routes, received MCW Metrorider 23-seater minibuses, which had the marketing name of Skipper buses. These were, over time, replaced by larger versions produced by Optare. By 2000 the MetroRiders had been replaced by Optare Solos and the routes were relaunched as services 155, 156 and 157.

* 97: Poole - Creekmoor
* 98: Poole - Creekmoor:These became part of route 8 which runs between Poole and Upton.

*101: Poole - Bournemouth via Lower Parkstone, Penn Hill and Lindsay Road:Yellow Buses took over the service on the 28 August 2005. It remained as route 101 for 2 months, then it was extended to Christchurch and renumbered and merged into Yellow Buses route 22. As of 2 July 2006, route 22 was replaced by Route 1c, but this does not serve Lower Parkstone, Penn Hill or Lindsay Road.

*102: Poole - Lower Parkstone - Bournemouth Road - Bournemouth:This service became part of route X3 when routes m1 and m2 started in 2004. This section of route X3 was discontinued on 6 January 2008.

*103: Poole - Lower Parkstone - Upper Parkstone - Bournemouth
*104: Poole - North Road - Upper Parkstone - Bournemouth
*105: Poole - North Road - Upper Parkstone - Bournemouth - Christchurch - Burton:These became routes m1 and m2 in 2004.

*106: Bournemouth - Upper Parkstone - Tower Park - Canford Heath
*107: Bournemouth - Upper Parkstone - Canford Heath/Creekmoor/Corfe Mullen
*109: Bournemouth - Upper Parkstone - Waterloo Estate - Corfe Mullen
*110: Bournemouth - Upper Parkstone - Highfield Estate - Corfe Mullen:These were replaced by service 108 which initially served Upper Parkstone, Sea View, Oakdale, Canford Heath, Broadstone and Corfe Mullen. With the Poole service restructuring it became the 18 with a different route.

* 108: Bournemouth - Corfe Mullen via Foxholes Estate, Canford Heath, Broadstone and Highfield Estate:This service replaced service 106, 107, 109 and 110 in 2005. When introduced in the nineties service 106 replaced the original service 108.

* 111: Highcliffe - Christchurch - Hurn Airport:This service was dropped since it did not prove cost effective.

* 113: Lymington - Buckland - Lymington:This service was replaced by an extended version of Route 120 from January 2007.

* 117: Lymington - Pennington:This service was replaced by Route 119.

* 122: New Milton - Lymington via Hordle and Everton Road:Originally, this service ran between Bournemouth and Lymington via the same route as the 121 between Bournemouth and Hordle W.I. Hall, then via Everton Road and then via the 123 between Everton (Milford Road) and Lymington. This service was then axed in 2005, only to be brought back months later to restore the link between Everton Road and Lymington. However, in January 2007 the service was again dropped.

* 121: Bournemouth - Lymington via Mudeford, Hinton Admiral, Walkford, Hordle and Pennington
* 123: Bournemouth - Lymington via Mudeford, Naish Holiday Village, Barton on Sea and Milford on Sea
* 124: Bournemouth - Lymington via Highcliffe, New Milton, Milford On Sea.:During the summer months, Open-Top buses were used on this routes. From 25 May 2008 these routes were replaced by service X12.

* 129: Poole - Waterloo Estate - Broadstone - Corfe Mullen - Sturminster Marshall - Blandford:The 129 had its route shortened around 2002/2003 and terminated at Corfe Mullen and later only went as far as Broadstone. In 2005 it was combined with the 130 and 131 to become a new route 131 between Poole and Corfe Mullen. Part of the 129 route through Christopher Crescent was taken over by the 128. The 131 is now route 4.

* 130: Poole - Corfe Mullen via Stanley Green, Creekmoor, Waterloo, Broadstone and Highfield Estate
* 131: Poole - Corfe Mullen via Stanley Green, Waterloo, Broadstone, West Way and Highfield Estate:These services were merged to form route 4.

* 132: Poole - Wimborne - Bournemouth via Waterloo Estate, Merley, Leigh Park and Ferndown
* 133: Poole - Wimborne - Bournemouth via Highfield Estate, Corfe Mullen, Colehill and Ferndown:These services were replaced by two routes. The section between Wimborne and Bournemouth was replaced by route 13 which followed the old 133 route. The section between Poole and Wimborne was replaced by route 3 (WIMBORNE FLYER), although from Broadstone this runs direct to Poole via Broadstone Way and Holes Bay Road.

* 134: Ringwood - Bournemouth via West Moors and Ensbury Park
* 135: Ringwood - Bournemouth via West Moors and Ensbury Park:These routes were discontinued on 6 January 2008.

* 142: Poole - Wareham - Swanage via Holes Bay Road, Upton, Corfe Castle and Harman's Cross.:Replaced by service 44 in May 2008 between Harman's Cross and Swanage only. [http://www.wdbus.co.uk/htm/news/newsbody.asp?id=172 May boost to Swanage and Purbeck bus network] Wilts & Dorset Website - 29 April 2008]
* 143:Poole -Wareham - Swanage via Holes Bay Road, Upton, Corfe Castle and Langton Matravers.:Renumbered as service 40 with increased frequency in May 2008.
* 144: Swanage - Worth Matravers via Langton Matravers :Replaced by service 44 in May 2008.

* 150: Bournemouth - Swanage via Westbourne, Penn Hill, Compton Acres, Sandbanks, across the entrance of Poole Harbour on the Sandbanks Ferry, then Studland and Ulwell.:In the event of the Sandbanks Ferry not running, a special replacement service operated, with some journeys only running between Sandbanks and Bournemouth, and other journeys running between Bournemouth and Swanage either via an extended Route 142/143 or a longer version of Route 150 serving Sandbanks first, then continuing via Lilliput with a stop at Park Gates, then non-stop to Swanage via Poole and A351. Most of these would then be continued to serve Studland.:During the summer months, open top buses were used on this route.:Renumbered as service 50 on 25 May 2008, with an altered route between Bournemouth and Sandbanks.

* 151: Bournemouth - Poole via Westbourne, Branksome Chine, Compton Acres, Lilliput and Park Gates.:During the summer months, open top buses were used on this route. Replaced by service 53 on 25 May 25 2008, although the new route differs.

* 152: Rockley Park - Poole - Sandbanks Ferry:During the summer months, open top buses were used on this route. The Poole - Sandbanks part of the route was replaced by service 52 on 25 May 25 2008, with the Rockley Park - Poole portion still being run as 152 by Wilts & Dorset's sister company Damory Coaches.

* 155: Poole - Canford Heath via Oakdale
* 156: Poole - Canford Heath - Tower Park via Oakdale
* 157: Poole - Canford Heath - Nuffield Industrial Estate via Oakdale:These became routes m5, m6 and m7 in 2004.

* 158: Poole - Bournemouth - Christchurch via Bloxworth Estate
* 159: Poole - Bournemouth - Christchurch via Talbot View Estate
* 160: Poole - Bournemouth - Christchurch via Bourne Valley:These routes where extended to Christchurch from Bournemouth Square in 2005 to compete with Yellow Buses route 23 at the time. When the services where restructured in June 2006, the three services were merged to form route 16, but only going as far as Boscombe. From October 2006, route 16 has only operated between Bournemouth Square and Poole.

* 161: Poole - Kinson/West Moors via Sea View, Bearwood, Bear Cross and Ferndown:During its lifetime as 161, it saw an extension from Kinson through to Bournemouth Square in 2005 to compete with Yellow Buses routes 3 & 4. This was short-lived. In June 2006, it became route 11. The section between Kinson and West Moors was discontinued on 6 January 2008.

* 164: Poole - West Howe via Alder Road:Like route 161, this also got an extension from West Howe to Bournemouth Square & Interchange in 2005 via Bournemouth University & Glenferness Avenue, thus competing with Yellow Buses route 10. This was also short-lived and returned back to as it was before the route extension. In June 2006, it became route 14.

* 165: Poole - Bournemouth University - Royal Bournemouth Hospital:This became route 15 and journeys that ran via Muscliffe were re-route to serve Castle Lane like the other journeys.

* 182: Shaftesbury - Blandford - Bournemouth
* 183: Shaftesbury - Blandford - Poole - Bournemouth: Service 182 and 183 ceased on 2 June 2007 and were replaced by service 82 and 83 the next day.

* 187: Poole - Lytchett Matravers - Dorchester/Weymouth/Blandford
* 188: Poole - Dorchester via Lytchett Matravers, Winterborne Zelston, Bere Regis and Puddletown
* 189: Poole - Blandford via Lytchett Matravers, Bloxworth, Bere Regis and Puddletown: Service 187, 188 and 189 ceased on 2 June 2007 and were replaced by service 47 the next day.

2008 Poole Harbour accident

On 31 July 2008 in Poole a W&D open-top bus collided with two cars between Studland and Sandbanks, injuring 30 people. The bus, a route 50 service popular with tourists wanting to peer over the gates to celebrities' mansions on Sandbanks, was carrying around 30 people (15 on the upper deck) near the chain ferry at Poole Harbour. At 10.15am the bus collided with both a Volkswagen Golf and a Porsche, the latter of which was driving away from the chain ferry on Ferry Road and crashed head on with the bus, and the other car. [cite web |url=http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Porsche-Driver-Arrested-After-A-Double-Decker-Bus-Overturns-In-A-Crash-Near-Poole-Harbour/Article/200807415061511?lpos=UK%2BNews_2&lid=ARTICLE_15061511_Porsche%2BDriver%2BArrested%2BAfter%2BA%2BDouble%2BDecker%2BBus%2BOverturns%2BIn%2BA%2BCrash%2BNear%2BPoole%2BHarbour |title=Porsche driver arrested after crash |publisher=Sky News |date=31 July 2008] A spokesman for Dorset Fire and Rescue service said at the scene that the bus "fell onto a verge" following the collision with the Porsche. A number of passengers reported the bus travelled a distance on two wheels, and the eventual toppling took place at low speed. The top-deck passengers were all thrown off onto soft ground in a ditch, including a two-month-old baby. Six people were taken to Poole Hospital, including the baby and a 61-year-old woman. Four occupants of the Volkswagen were also injured. [cite web |url=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/7534912.stm |title=Many hurt as open bus overturns |publisher=BBC News |date=31 July 2008] None of the injuries were thought to be serious, the worst being a broken arm. [cite web |url=http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/display.var.2414041.0.man_arrested_after_bus_overturns.php |title=Man arrested after bus overturns |publisher=Bournemouth Echo |date=31 July 2008] The 43-year old driver of the Porsche was arrested on the scene, accused of dangerous driving.

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