Equinox TV

Equinox TV

Equinox is a Cameroon based television station. Soon after its launch, it became one of the most vocal critics of Paul Biya's regime.

The station was notorious for showing live footage of political demonstration against constitutional change in Cameroon which favoured president Biya's stay in power after 2011 when he is constitutionally barred from running for office again. The station was suspended from broadcast in January 2008 provoking wide spread protest in Douala where it is based. It is even believed that it suspension was one of the remote causes of the February general strike in Cameroon against rising food prices, the cost of fuel and constitutional amendment which left over one hundred people dead (40 in official estimates) and state and private property worth millions of dollars damaged.

Presently the government of Cameroon has asked Equinox to resume broadcasting.

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