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The Life of the Party
The Silent Assassin

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birth_date= 1984
birth_place=Adirondack, Minnesota cite web | url = | title = Combatant Info: Joey Harder | publisher= | accessdate=2007-10-02]
billed= Fallbrook, California cite web | url = | title = Superstars Bio: Joey Harder |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03]
trainer= Donovan Morgan cite web | url = | title = Superstars Bio: Joey Harder |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] & Vinny Massaro cite web | url = | title = Superstars Bio: Joey Harder |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03]

Joey Harder is an American former professional wrestler, also known by his nicknames of The Life of the Party and The Silent Assassin, who mainly worked for independent wrestling promotions on the west coast of the United States. He is best known for working with Pro Wrestling Iron (now defunct) , SoCal Pro Wrestling, Battle Ground Pro Wrestling (now defunct) and his two-year career with Empire Wrestling Federation between 2005 and 2007. cite web | url = | title = Superstars Joey Harder Bio |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] He wrestled for many of the independent promotions on the West Coast but pirmarly in Southern California. He retired in 2007 to pursue a PhD in Political Science. cite web | url = | author =Harder, Joey | title = Why I’m done wrestling | accessdate=2008-08-03 | date=2007-11-17]


Joey Harder is a graduate of Pro Wrestling Iron’s Tetsu Academy cite web | url = | title = Superstars Joey Harder Bio |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] . He was trained in professional wrestling by two of the toughest men in SoCal history, Donovan Morgan cite web | url = | title = Superstars Joey Harder Bio |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] and Vinny Massaro cite web | url = | title = Superstars Joey Harder Bio |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] , which toughened his body and harden his heart. His debut in professional wrestling was on August 27, 2004 against Ray Kejimura. He began his career by wrestling in the northern California Indy circuit, working for every major promotion in the region. He made a major impact in Prowrestling Iron (PWI), as he was named Rookie of the Year in 2004, were he wrestled in several main events, and even scored a win over Michael Modest. Since graduation from Tetsu Academy, Harder broke arms and bruised faces with his smash-mouth arsenal and his take-no-prisoners attitude.

Pro Wrestling Iron (2004-2005)

Joey Harder joined PWI in the summer of 2004 and made a major impact on the promotion where he wrestled in several main events. Harder broke arms and bruised faces with his smash-mouth arsenal and his take-no-prisoners attitude. Joey Harder named Pro Wrestling Iron (PWI) 2004 Rookie of the Year.

The Tetsu Academy closed on August 31, 2005 with a final Pro Wrestling Iron show at the PWI dojo in Hayward, Californina on August 27, 2005. cite web|url=|author=|title=Donovan Morgan||accessmonthday=May 19|accessyear=2007|date=] cite web|url=|author=|title=Donovan Morgan||accessmonthday=May 19|accessyear=2007|date=]

Revolution Pro (2004)

In late 2004, Joey began venturing into southern California, where he competed in the Revolution Pro's Ultimate Revolution J Tournament where he made it to the final round.

oCal Pro Wrestling (2005-2007)

Joey Harder began wrestling in 2005 with a newly formed promotion out of San Diageo, California called SoCal. He continued to wrestle for Empire Wrestling Federation where he won and reigned as the EWF Cruiserweight Championship continuously defending his title. The SoCal promoters and fans voted him Rookie of the Year in 2005.

On June 23, 2007 at SoCal Pro’s “Saturday Night Live! Wrestling” in Oceanside Joey Harder continued his long standing rivalry with Hook Bomberry. The night saw Harder picking up his second win while in SoCal by defeating Bomberry. cite web | url = | title= Independent Wrestling Results - July 2007 | publisher= | accessdate= 2008-08-05 | date= 2007-08-04]

On July 21, 2007 at SoCal Pro’s “Fantastic 4th Event” in Oceanside saw “The Silent Assassin” Joey Harder paired with “The Black & Red Metalhead” Paranoia for a tag team match. Harder with his tag team partner for the first-time ever would face another first-time pairing of “The So-Cal Kid” Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) and ThunderWolf. Harder and Paranoia proved to be a forcible tag team as they defeated Taylor and ThunderWolf. cite web | url = | title= Independent Wrestling Results - July 2007 | publisher= | accessdate= 2008-08-05 | date= 2007-08-04]

Joey Harder remained undefeated in both singles and tag team matches while wrestling for SoCal Prowrestling. cite web | url = | title = SoCal Pro Wrestling Results |accessdate=2007-10-02]

Empire Wrestling Federation (2005-2007)

After returning to his home town of Fallbrook, California in 2005; Harder began wrestling for the Empire Wrestling Federation. He managed to achieve early success in the EWF with wins over Bino Gambino and Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987). The combination of his hard-hitting, technical style and his arrogant attitude quickly made him a love-him or hate-him wrestler among the fans and his fellow wrestlers.

On June 4, 2005 in San Bernardino, California, Joey Harder made his debut in the Empire Wrestling Federation. Joey was teamed with expereinced veteran Bino Gambino for a tag team match againist "Mistrust" Rudy Luna and Dan "The Man" Kobrick. Gambino and Harder lost this match. cite web | url = | title= Independent Wrestling Results - Juney 2005 | publisher= | accessdate= 2008-08-05 | date= 2006-07-08]

On September 22, 2005; Joey defeated Bino Gambino, who had only held the Cruiserweight title for 27 days, in San Francisco to win the EWF Cruiserweight Championship Title. Joey let the fans know he was going to be a fighting champion by defending his newly won EWF Cruiserweight Championship title belt over the next 3 consecutive nights. In San Francisco, on September 23, he pinned “Mad” Max Martin. Then in San Bernardino, California; on September 24, he defended the title against Kid Karnage. Joey won the match by pin fall. Later that same evening he would compete in a 10-Man Elimination Match against Dave “The Bruiser”, Dan Kobrick, Brandon Nitro, Bino Gambino, Jason King, Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987), Kid Karnage, “Mad” MaxMartin and Vizzion. He would be back in the ring on September 25 in Covino, California to defending the title against Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987). He pinned Ryan to retain the title. This rapid suasion of matches to define the title and his victory over his opponents would send a clear message of “I fear no one” to his fellow wrestlers. He would become the longest reigning EWF Cruiserweight Champion by holding the title for 260 days.

On October 22, 2005; Joey would step back into the ring to defend his EWF Cruiserweight Championship in a 3-Way Dance against Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) and Dan “The Man” Kobrick which he defeated. He would defend his title only 6 days later on the 28th in Covina, California against El Dorado and win by pin fall. In EWF’s Halloween Horror series on the 30th and 31th, he would defend his title against J.C. Castro and T.J. Perkins respectively and would pin both men. Joey would end 2005 with his work cut out for him as he faced off against Rocky Romero and T.J. Perkins, two elite wrestlers in not only the cruiserweight division but in the entire independent professional wrestling circuit, on December 23 in Covina, California in a Triple-threat EWF Cruiseweight Championship Title Match. In a strange turn of events, the fans would see Harder and Romero work as a team to eliminate the explosive Perkins from the match by chops to the pecs, vicious Irish Whips into the corner, compounded by double boots to the chest, and a toss from the ring onto the concrete floor which was enough to debilitate Perkins. The impromptu partnership quickly dissolved when Romero tried to pin Perkins for the victory. The would enrage Harder who quickly turned on Romero with a fury of chops to the chest. With Perkins dazed on the outside of the ring, Harder dodged a superkick from Romero and cinched in his Harder Driver to secure the victory and retain his Cruiserweight Title.

2006 year started with a bang for Harder when he had to defend his Cruiserweight Championship Title against Alex Pinchek at EWF’s New Year’s Retribution show on January 13. This match saw these two superstars start out with excellent chain wrestling and appeared to have each other scouted. Pinchek delivered a relentless attack on the back of the neck of the Champion and the battle spilled out onto the Covina Area floor. Pinchek went for a belly to back suplex with a bridge for a pinning combination. However, after a botched Northern Lights suplex by Pinchek, the champ executed his Harder Driver and then quickly covered Pinchek for the pin to retain his Cruiserweight title.

On January 27, 2006; Harder had to defend his title against The Human Tornado who had a taste for EWF gold. The Cruiserweight Champion Joey Harder was there for business and nothing else. He attempted a test of strength with Tornado to start the match off but the flamboyant Tornado wanted to play mind games by trying to turn the test of strength into a hip hop snake dance contest. Harder was not amused and busted into the face of the Tornado. Tornado would suffer vicious chops and then be finished off later in the match by Harder’s Harder Driver. Joey Harder would retain his piece of EWF gold – The EWF Cruiserweight Championship Title Belt. Joey Harder continued to prove his dominance in the Cruiserweight division on February 12 at Total Annihilation in Covina, California when he took on T.J. Perkins. These two men are excellent technical wrestlers and this match proved to be a demonstration of skill and holds. However, Perkins made a costly mistake with a high risk plancha from the top rope and missed Harder. Harder used this opening to go to work with an unrelenting attack on Perkins’ right arm. Harder executed a painful Fujiwara arm bar causing Perkins to tap out thus allowing Harder to retain the gold.

On February 24 in Covina, California; Harder became the longest reigning EWF Cruiserweight Champion, at a consecutive 155 days and counting, when he executed a schoolboy pin with a blatant handful of tights but situated perfectly out of sight of the ref to pin Liger Rivera.

On March 19, Joey Harder faced off against Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) in El Monte, California. Taylor went on the offensive early on, which caused Harder to rethink his strategy. He threw Taylor to the outside of the ring and began to work Taylor’s legs to ground the high flyer. Harder power bombed Taylor to the mat and then attempted a moonsault to put away his opponent, but Taylor moved out of the way. With Harder down, Taylor would try to make a comeback with a crucifix submission but Harder reversed into a standing toe hold, which caused Taylor to tap out. Then a few weeks later on April 9, Joey Harder would defeat Hook Bomberry in Covina to retain the title. On April 28th, again in Covina, Joey Harder pinned Kid Karnage to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.

On May 14 at EWF 10th Anniversary Extravaganza, Joey Harder stepped into the ring to provide the fans with a non-disappointing sequel match against Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987). These two had each other well scouted, countering every move they threw at each other. Taylor seemed to be in top form and had all the right tools to end the dominance of the Cruiserweight division, impressive winning streak, and title reign of Harder. However, Harder caught Taylor off guard with a Boston Crab to end the match. Harder raised his hands in victory and celebrated another successful title dense until the announcer states the match went to a time limit draw and Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) never submitted before the time for the match expired which sent Joey Harder’s temper skyward. Harder re-applied the Boston Crab to a helpless Taylor and refused to release him until 4 referees forcible broke the hold. Since the match was a draw, Harder retain the Cruiserweight Championship but for the first time sees a true threat to his reign as EWF Cruiserweight Champion. Then just one week later on the 21st, Joey Harder defeated Ligar Rivera and Hook Bomberry in a Triple-Threat Match to retain his title.

The Summer of 2006 started off on May 27th with Joey Harder in Lytle Creek, California to defend his title against Joey Ryan. Harder retained the title by defeating Ryan by submission. The next night saw Harder facing Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) for the 3 time. Harder and Taylor wrestled for 20 minutes to a draw which allowed Harder to retain his title. However; on June 9th at the Covina Classic Joey Harder would once again face Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) to defend the EWF Cruiserweight Championship but Taylor pinned Harder to end his 260 day reign as Champion. On July 7th at the Independent’s Day II Show, Harder stepped into the ring with Justin Jackson in a Triple-Threat Match in hopes of reigning the EWF Cruiserweight Championship however Ray Taylor would defeat both men to keep the EWF Cruiserweight Championship Title.

The Summer of 2006 continued with a string of defeats for Joey Harder. On July 16 in El Monte CA, Harder was defeated in a Triple Threat Match with Hook Bomberry and Amgelas. Then on July 28th Harder was pinned by Liger Rivera. Next, on August 11, Harder was pinned by Brandon Nitro.

After a string of loses, Joey Harder took a break from singles action and began wrestling in tag team matches. He joined Hook Bomberry to form the Iron Express tag team. On August 20, 2006; they debut and defeat TNT. Only August 25, Harder teamed with another singles wrestler Angelas to defeat J. Terex III and Willie Mack. However, on September 8, the Iron Express would return to take on La Ola Del Mal (Black Metal and Extreme Loco ) in the EWF Tag Team Championship Title Match. Harder and Hook as the Iron Express defeated La Ola Del Mal to become the new EWF Tag Team Champions which they held for 231 days.

On September 23 in San Bernardino, California; Joey Harder returned to singles competition with an victory over “The Irish Icon” Eric Gobrough.

On October 13, Joey Harder was back in tag team action as part of the Iron Express defending the EWF Tag Team Championship against T.J. Perkins and Rocky Romero. The Iron Express defeated Perkins and Romero to retain the tag team title. Then 2 weeks later in Covina, CA at October Onslaught 2006; the Iron Express continued their winning streak with a victory over Los Chivos. Then on November 10 at Bloodlust II, Joey faced the man that handed him is first lose and cost him the EWF Cruiserweight Championship Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) in a Tag Team Title match. Joey Harder and Hook Bomberry as the Iron Exrpess and current EWF Tag Team Champions defeated NWA’s British Commonwealth Champion Paul Tracy and EWF’s Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor (wrestler born 1987) to retain the tag team titles.

Joey Harder while still part of the Iron Express and holder of the EWF Tag Team Championship returned to singles matches on November 24 as part of the Thanksgiving Throwdown. Harder competed in the Inland Title Series. In Round 1, Joey Harder and T.J. Perkins wrestled to a draw. December 1st saw Joey Harder in Round 2 of the Inland Title Series against Jason King. Harder jumped King from behind at the beginning to the match and continued to use roughneck tactics on King. However towards the end of the match sensing things were looking pretty bad for King, Johnny Paradise threw a chair into the ring. King nailed Harder with a Shinning Wizard through the chair. The referee disqualified Jason King which gave Joey Harder the win by disqualification. In Round 3 of the Inland Title Series on December 15th, the members of the Iron Express would face off against each other. Hook excepted Joey to lie down for him but Joey refused. In the early part of the match, Harder began to outshine his partner. After Bomberry shot Harder into the corner, Harder countered it with a float over and when he came down he damaged his leg. Bomberry was quick to use this injury to his advantage to launch a brutal attack on Harder’s injured leg with what seemed to be little care about his tag partner or the future of the tag team championship. The end of this thrilling match came when Bomberry went for his Michinoku Driver but Harder floated over and picked Bomberry’s legs and put him into a Lion Tamer which forced Bomberry to submit and gave Harder the win. After the match, Harder offered to shake his tag partner’s hand but Bomberry refused but after some persistence on Harder’s part they shook hands. The final match in the Inland Title Series was held on January 5, 2007 between Joey Harder and T.J. Perkins. The two started the match with a hand shake, surprisingly initiated by Joey. The two battled it out on the mat where TJ kept getting the upper hand on Joey. It seemed as if Perkins was toying with Harder by making every move and counter move look simple and letting the fans know it. A frustrated Harder questioned Perkins’ respect for the match by asking him if he was a clown or a wrestler and from that point on it was all business. The two return to the mat but this time Joey was on the offensive and stayed there. Joey was on the verge of winning the match when Perkins came back with unbelievable speed and gained momentum with fierce kicks to Joey’s leg and back. It seemed like it was going TJ’s way until Joey applied his signature Lion Tamer. On this night, Perkins heart was too big to tap out so quickly. After suffering for a prolong period of time, he managed to grab the ropes to force Joey to break the hold. Joey sent him into the ropes and TJ shocked the fans with a Hurricanrana that was very quickly countered into another Lion Tamer by Harder, this time in the middle of the ring where TJ fought to get out of the hold but continued to suffer until Harder’s Lion Tamer was too much for TJ and forced him to submit. Winning the Inland Title Series gave Joey Harder a shot at the EWF Heavyweight Championship later that same night against the then current champion Bino Gambino. It started out as a brawl, both men had just gone through grueling matches earlier that night. The crowd seemed to be behind Harder. Joey took Bino to the limit but Bino finally managed to grab the upper hand and work Joey over. Bino stayed on Joey hoping to retain his title for the second time of the night. Gambino had Harder down and gave him a Springboard Moonsault but was kicked out of. Bino gave him another one, but Harder still kicked out. Bino attempts a third and Joey was able to get the knees up and get back on the offense. Harder may have had the match won with his modified Brainbuster, but Bino kicked out of that making Harder question what he needed to do to beat the champ. All of the sudden, Joey's tag team partner, Hook Bomberry, ran out and started throwing any chair he could find into the ring. As the ref attempted to clean up the violent mess the challenger's partner made, Hook slid into the ring with the title belt. At this point Bino has his back turned to Hook while having Harder in a waist lock but as Hook goes to swing the belt to hit Gambino, Bino turns around only to have Joey receive the shot from his own partner. After that happened, a look of apathy showed on the face of Hook. He didn't seem to care at all that he almost cost his partner the championship. No one knew what to make of it. After realizing what had almost happened, Bino chased Hook out of the ring and out of the building. Bino slides back in the ring and deliovers a Binomite to Harder. Joey Harder then kicks out of Bino's finisher. A frustrated Gambino looks to apply it again, but is countered to a Lion Tamer from Joey. Bino shakes the challenger off and both men go to collide but Harder quickly applies the hold again! Bino shakes the deadly submission off once more. Both men make it to their feet and Bino charged at Joey a third time. Harder double legs Gambino and applies the Lion Tamer but this time he has it cinched in and in dead center of the ring. The champ did all he could to stay in the fight but had no choice but to tap out. Joey Harder becomes the new EWF Heavyweight Champion and still half of the EWF Tag Team Championship Title holder.

On January 26, 2007; Joey Harder continued his tag team action with a EWF Tag Team Championship Title Match which pitted him and Hook Bomberry against The Young Bucks. The Young Bucks capitalized on Harder and moved in for the kill with their signature double team move known as “More Bang for Your Buck”, Harder was able to escape and shove M.I.R. into Slick Nick, causing Nick to crotch himself on the top rope and Harder rolled up M.I.R. for a near impossible victory.

The Iron Express seemed to be self destructing before everyone eyes. On February 9th in Covina, for the first time in EWF history, EWF Tag Team Champions would square off against each other for the EWF Heavyweight Championship. The match started with the both men grappling and testing the other out. Eventually, Harder began to take over on Bomberry but Hook started to get frustrated and began to strike Harder repeatedly. This escalated into both men striking the other and using various suplexes and submissions to try to wear the other down. The end of this match came after Joey delivered a vicious diving head butt to Hook which resulted in both men being very bloody. Harder had cut his eye open on Bomberry’s tooth that he had also broken in the midst of the diving head butt. Harder then went for the Lion Tamer but Bomberry reversed it into an arm bar and as Harder got the ropes Bomberry refused to let go and the referee disqualified Bomberry.

On March 4 in Covina; Harder had been on Cloud 9 ever since he won the EWF’s most prestigious title, however, one name that seemed very familiar to him along his way to the top was TJ Perkins, so naturally, when Harder’s original opponent, Sonny Samson, was unable to wrestle due to a broken leg, Perkins was the first name the EWF officials called. Perkins and Harder wrestled on the mat in a very strategic manner, trying to see who the first to make a mistake would be, and that person would be TJ Perkins, who let his guard down and received a vicious kick to the gut after performing a kip up. Both men tried to keep the match in their favor, however, the outcome of this match would be considered more out of their control than anything else. Harder would deliver a big Superplex to Perkins and upon standing up, he found Hook Bomberry standing in the ring. Harder argued with Bomberry until Perkins got up and drop kicked both men and sent Bomberry outside the ring. Then, as Perkins went for an O’Connor Roll off the ropes, Harder ducked and Bomberry hit Perkins in the head with the EWF Tag Team Championship Belt. Mando Vega called for the match and Harder was disqualified. Although, after the match, an irate Joey Harder challenged Bomberry to a Submissions Match for the EWF’s next event in Covina.On March 18 in Venture, California; Joey faced is most challenging match as the Heavyweight Champion in a Fatal 4-Way Match against Hook Bomberry vs Rocky Romero vs Karl Anderson. Ever since winning the most prestigious championship in the EWF, Joey Harder has been a marked man and now, he would be facing off against 3 other men all gunning for the same title. The real kicker in this match is Harder does not even have to be beaten in order to lose his title. The stipulation is first man to gain a win via pin fall or submission is declared the winner of the match. The match started with Bomberry and Anderson attacking Harder and Romero. Harder and Romero each surprised them and knocked both men out of the ring. They then fought in the ring until Bomberry and Anderson got back in. Then Romero and Anderson went to the outside and Harder and Bomberry stayed in the ring and fought. This match continued in this back and forth action until the climatic end when Bomberry was thrown to the outside by Anderson and Harder attempted to fight Anderson but Romero got involved. Anderson then attacked Romero and went for a clothesline but Romero ducked it and in the process performed a Suicide Dive onto Bomberry who was on the outside. It was then that Joey picked the legs of Anderson and forced him into the Lion Tamer for the submission.

As promised back on March 4, 2007; when Joey Harder returned to Covina he put up his EWF Heavyweight Championship Title against Hook Boomberry. This was a match to remember! So much could be said for these two champions in this match. Pain is one word that comes to mind and lots of it. At the start, they both went right in to hold to hold. Hook put Joey in a choke hold, holding it strong. Full of pain, Joey pulled out of it. After 5 minuets of hold to hold wrestling, Joey stops the submission style wrestling and goes all out. He gave Hook a back drop, then started beating on Hook. Back and forth they beat each other senseless. Hook took over the match by working on Joey’s knee. Hook then takes Joey to the ring apron and began to slam Joey's knee on the canvas. Hook continued working on the knee and now back in the ring, got too close to the upper half of Joey and he reversed Hook into an arm bar. Hook got to the ropes and Joey was forced to let go of the arm but Joey wasn't done with Hook. He threw Hook into the corner and, as Hook slowly stumbled out of the corner, Joey was there to greet him with open arms. While Hook was in Joey's arms, Joey then gave Hook a picture perfect Belly to Belly Suplex. As both men got to a standing position, Joey moved in but was cut off with a single kick to his knee. Hook took Joey to the ropes and gave him a big Spinebuster and, then immediately into a Boston Crab. Slowly, Joey moved to the ropes clutching to them for life. Hook did as the ref said and let go. Joey rushed Hook, taking him down with a single leg takedown, turning him around into a Camel Clutch, pulling hard on Hook's neck. Hook managed to get to the ropes which forced Joey to release the hold. Hook looked as if he was about to cry. The ref checked to see if Hook was okay and Hook made the same mistake. Joey eventually got Hook into his patented Lion Tamer. Joey had the look of confidence in his face as he looked around. He knew his grip wasn't loose. He knew the ropes were too far for Hook to grab at. Moments passed and Hook's hand started raising and shuddering when it happened. Hook tapped for the his life. Harder retained the EWF Heavyweight Championship.

On April 27, 2007; The Iron Express, after coming off of a brutal Submissions Match for the EWF Heavyweight Championship against each other, they were forced to put aside their differences and defend the EWF Tag Team Championship against the number 1 Contenders, Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite, also known as TNT. At least it seemed that Bomberry and Harder had put aside their differences. They started early, using teamwork and quick tags, but Hook's jealousy of his tag partner began to show, tagging in and out with loud chops to Joey's chest, which quickly annoyed Joey. After a particularly deafening chop to Joey, the teammates began to argue. Brandon Nitro went for a 'Meeting of the Minds' but was pushed back by both men, who then continued their argument with each other. Nitro tagged in Dynamite, who threw Joey from the ring and concentrated on Hook. After delivering a few nice moves on Bomberry, he finally countered with a Jawbreaker, a desperation move at this point, and tried to tag in Harder. At this point, sick of Hook's stiff tags and remembering their match at Zero Tolerance 2007, when Hook refused to tag in against the Young Bucks, Joey,too, refused a tag. This left Hook alone in the ring as TNT delivered their tag team finisher, Ground Zero to pin Hook and win the Tag Team Championship, while Joey looked on.

Joey Harder continued his EWF Heavyweight Championship Title defense on May 11, 2007 in Covina, California when you defeated the EWF American Champion’s Karl Anderson by submission to retain his title. And then on May 25, it was a way too close call for Joey as he defended his title against MTV Superstar, Joey Ryan. As the match started, Harder looked to make short work of his opponent by going for his modified Boston crab submission maneuver which he has been using to get the job done for most of his matches. Ryan quickly grabs the ropes, forcing Harder to release the hold. Ryan took over the match from that point on and took it to the champ. It seemed to be over when Ryan hit a running Yakuza Kick, followed by a Superkick, and then a quick cover for the pin but the fighting champion kicks out. As Harder makes it up to his feet, the two started trading punches. Harder goes to hook a Suplex but Ryan attempted a counter, which is re-countered by Harder, which is re-countered by Ryan! Harder floats over onto his feet from what we all thought was going to be a well executed Suplex but Harder turns the challenger around and delivers his Brainbuster finisher leaving Joey Ryan down for the 3-count. Joey retained the EWF Heavyweight Championship but right as the bell sounds, Dan "The Man" Kobrick's music hit and out he came. He got right in the champ's face and promised him that at the next show he would know "The Definition of Pain". But on June 8th, Kobrick failed to teach Harder “The Definition of Pain” as Joey Harder pinned Dan “The Man” Kobrick to retain the title. However; two weeks later on June 22 Dan “The Man” Kobrick pinned Joey Harder to win the EWF Heavyweight Championship, thus ending Harder’s 168 day reign. Joey Harder the returned to Tag Team action on July 13, 2007; when he team with Bino Gambino to take on Terex and Dan “The Man” Kobrick. Bino pinned Kobrick which gave Gambino and Harder the win. Joey continued his tag team period when he team up with Apollo Khan to take on Ray Kejimura and his old tag team partner, Hook Bomberry. Ray and Hook handed Apollo and Joey were soundly defeated.

On August 18th, Joey returned to singles action when you continued his ongoing feud with Hook Bomberry. But Joey suffered another lose to Hook. Joey’s losing streak continued when on September 7th he was pinned by Ray Kejimura.

On September 8th, 2007 at EWF’s Vendetta in Colton; Joey Harder wrestled his final match against T.J. Perkins before retiring from Pro Wrestling in order to attend the University of Oregon to obtain a PhD in Political Science. Harder and Perkins wrestled to a draw which neither man was happy with the outcome. Joey and TJ demanded an additional 5 minutes. Upon the restart of the match, Joey Harder eventually was able to roll up TJ for the pin and his final victory. cite web | url = | title = Harder Retires From Pro Wrestling | accessdate=2007-10-02 | date=200-08-08]

Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Federation (2006-2007)

In early 2006, Joey Harder was still very active in the Empire Wrestling Federation and was the reigning EWF Cruiserweight Champion. He joined the Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Federation. The promoter’s at Battle Ground introduced Joey Harder as “The Silent Assassin”, a hard-hitting, unstoppable force in pro-wrestling, who was out to assassinate anyone in his way of getting more gold around his waist. Their angle was for Joey Harder to take on new opponents at each show and defeat them, sometimes by dubious means or by blatant rule breaking. Each week, the matches intensified and built up the suspense for the fans to find how who was going to be able to hand “The Silent Assassin” his first defeat and end his reign of terror.

Joey Harder debuted in Battle Ground Pro Wrestling on March 25, 2006 against Markus Riot. Harder defeated Riot with a low blow and then a quick pinfall. The promoters at BGPW decided to see how well “The Silent Assassin” could do when faced with two opponents. Would that be enough to stop him?

Joey would wrestle Brandon Nitro for the first time on May 13, 2006 in a 3-Way Dance which pitted Joey Hard vs. Brandon Nitro vs. “The Wholesome Hero” JT Hyatt. This would be the start of a notable feud between Harder and Nitro. Joey Harder defeated Nitro and Hyatt when he rolled Hyatt up with a fistful of hair. Joey Harder faced another tough 3-Way Dance on June 17, 206 when he faced his enemy Hook Bomberry from EWF and “The Russian Hooligan” Alex Koslov. Harder won the match with a submission using the Lion Tamer. The tradition of competing in 3-Way Dances continued on August 12, 2006 when he faced “The Wholesome Hero” JT Hyatt and Brandon Nitro. Hyatt won the match by pinning Nitro after Harder hits Nitro over the head with a table. However, a month later on 9 September Harder got his revenge by obtaining a submission from Nitro in a singles match via a Fujiwara Armbar . But Nitro paid Harder back by interfering in Harder’s match on October 14th with Rey Kejimura which caused Harder to win by disqualification.

On November 4th, Joey Harder went up against big Foob Dogg. The match began and Harder immediately applied a wristlock on the big Foob. He took him to the ground, but Foob reversed the hold, mounting Harder with the wristlock. Nice display of mat wrestling by the big man. But Harder reversed that into a headlock. Foob released himself by pushing Harder away into the ropes, but Harder came back with a shoulder block and could not bring the big Dogg down. Once again he tried but to no avail. The third time Harder tried it Foob just lifted him up and slammed him on his back. The undefeated technical wrestler had never met an opponent with such brute strength as Foob, who went for the pin. Harder managed to kick out and kicked Foob in the nuts when the ref wasn’t looking. When Foob got back up Harder jumped up and hit a heavy falling DDT. The match ended after Harder hit Foob with a forearm smash in the corner and went for a pin and put his legs on the rope to gain leverage as the ref made the count. Joey Harder would remain undefeated at the end of 2006.

Joey Harder continued his undefeated streak as the 2007 year began when on January 13 he won by submission a match against A.Z. in Newhall, California. However it would not continue when on March 10, 2007; Markus handed Joey his first defeat when Markus won the match by countout. Then on April 21, Joey Harder won his match against Chimaera via a headlock submission.

Wrestling career

Career Stats: Singles

cite web | url = | title= EWF Results | publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-04] cite web | url= | title= Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Results | publisher= | accessdate= 2007-10-02]

Championships and accomplishments

*Empire Wrestling Federation:*EWF Tag Team Championship (1 time) with [ Hook Bomberry] as The Iron Express cite web | url = | title = EWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE HISTORY |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] :*EWF Cruiserweight Champion (1 time) cite web | url = | title = EWF CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE HISTORY |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] :*EWF Heavyweight Champion (1 time) cite web | url = | title = EWF HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE HISTORY |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03]

*Awards:*2004 Pro Wrestling Iron “Rookie of the Year” cite web | url = | title = Superstars Joey Harder Bio |publisher= | accessdate =2008-08-03] :*2005 SoCal UNCENSORED "Rookie of the Year":*2006 EWF "Match of the Year" cite web | url = | title = EWF 2006 Match of the Year | publisher= | accessdate=2008-08-04 | date=2007-01-20] :**This was not just the "Match of the Year", but it was also another historic event for the EWF. This match was the first time that the current Tag Team Champions have faced off against one another in singles competetion while still holding the EWF Tag Team Championship. This match took place during round three of the Inland Title Series at Holiday Fear 2006 on December 15, 2006.

*Pro Wrestling Illustrated "Top 500 Wrestlers":*2007 He ranked 469. cite web | url= | title= Pro Wrestling's Top 500 | publisher= Pro Wrestling Illustrated | accessdate=2008-08-11]


*EWF: Independent's Day (2006)
*EWF:Meltdown! (2006)
*EWF: CHAOS (Night 1) (2005)
*EWF: CHAOS (Night 2) (2005)
*EWF: CHAOS (Night 3) (2005)
*EWF: CHAOS (Night 4) (2005)
*EWF: IGN Live! (Days 1 & 2) (2005)
* EWF: Holiday Fear! (2005)
*EWF: New Year's Retribution (2006) cite web | url= | title= Joey Harder Filmgraphy | publisher = The Internet Movie Database | accessdate=2008-08-04]
*EWF: Zero Tolerance 06 (2006)
*EWF: Total Annihilation (2006)
*EWF: Damage Control (2006)
*EWF: Old School Justice (2006)
*EWF: Fallout - Night 1 (2006)
*EWF: Fallout - Night 2 (2006)
*EWF: Overkill! (2006)
*NWA/EWF: EWF 10th Anniversary Extravaganza (2006)
*NWA/EWF: Memorial Mayhem (2006)
*EWF: The Covina Classic 2006 (2006)
*EWF: Independent's Day II (2006)
*EWF: Excessive Force (2006)
*EWF: Meltdown 2K6 (2006)
*EWF: Encore (2006)
*EWF: Cause 4 Concern (2006)
*EWF: CHAOS 2006 (2006)
*EWF: Friday The 13th (2006)
*EWF: October Onslaught 2006 (2006)
*EWF: Bloodlust II (2006)
*NWA/EWF: Thanksgiving Throwdown (2006)
*NWA/EWF: Premium (2006)"'
*EWF: Zero Tolerance (2006)
*NWA/EWF: Holiday Fear 2006 (2006)
*EWF: Series Final (2007)
*EWF: Inland Title Series 2006 (2007) cite web | url= | title= Inland Title Series 006 | publisher= | accessdate=2008-08-05 | date=2007-01]
*NWA/EWF: Zero Tolerance '07 (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Damage Control 2 (2007)
*EWF: Pain Solves Everything (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Hit & Run (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Fallout 2 (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Overkill! 2 (2007)
*NWA/EWF: EWF 11th Anniversary Extravaganza (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Foreign Exchange (2007)
*NWA/EWF: The Covina Classic 2007 (2007)
*"'NWA/EWF: Knockdown Dragout"' (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Independent's Day III (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Meltdown 2K7 (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Matt Sinister Benefit (2007)
*NWA/EWF: No Excuses (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Gold Standard (2007)
*NWA/EWF: Vendetta (2007)

Personal Information

Joey enjoyed wrestling but in early 2007 his life began to change and me made the decision to leave wrestling and move on with his life. He applied and was accepted into a PhD program in Political Science at the University of Oregon. So, on September 8th, 2007 at EWF's Vendetta in Colton, California Joey Harder wrestled his final match and retired from prowrestling.

Joey's reason for leaving prowrestling was "I got to the point where I figured if I worked really hard at wrestling and sacrificed everything I might make it in five years. On the other hand, if I worked hard at academics I'd have a much more secure, stable career in about the same time." cite web | url = | author =Harder, Joey | title = Why I’m done wrestling | accessdate=2008-08-03 | date=2007-11-17]


:*Zodiac Symbol: Scorpio cite web | url = | author =Harder, Joey | title = Joey's My Space Profiel | accessdate=2008-08-03 | date=2007-11-17] :* Music: any rock, especially classic rock cite web | url = | author =Harder, Joey | title = Joey's My Space Profiel | accessdate=2008-08-03 | date=2007-11-17] :* Favorite Movies: "Die Hard", "Payback", and any old Westerns cite web | url = | author =Harder, Joey | title = Joey's My Space Profiel | accessdate=2008-08-03 | date=2007-11-17]


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Match Videos

* [ TnT (Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite) vs Iron Express (Joey Harder & Hook Bomberry) 08/20/2006 (clippied)]
* [ Highlights from the 2006 Inland Title Series]
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* [ AWS 8-Person Tag - Part 1 featuring Chris Bosh, Ronin, Steve Pain & Joey Harder vs Super Dragon, Sara Del Rey, Quicksilver & Lil' Cholo]
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