Saparo-Yawan languages

Saparo-Yawan languages

Infobox Language family
altname=Zaparo-Yaguan, Zaparo-Peba
region=western Amazon
child1=? Zaparoan
child2=? Peba-Yaguan
child3=? "Candoshi-Shapra"
child4=? "Omurano"
child5=? "Taushiro"
child6=? "Abishira (Awishiri)"

Saparo-Yawan (Zaparo-Yaguan, Zaparo-Peba) is a language family proposal uniting two small language families of the western Amazon. It was first proposed by Swadesh (1954), and continues through Payne (1984) and Kaufman (1994).

There are also for language isolates and otherwise unclassified languages which have been indirectly linked to Saparo-Yawan, and for convenience they are included here. Tovar (1984) proposed a connection between Zaparoan and the otherwise unclassified Taushiro; Stark (1985) and Gordon (2005) see a connection with the extinct Omurano language. The extinct Awishiri and the Candoshi isolate have lexical similarities with Taushiro, Omurano, and each other; however, the four languages also have lexical similarities with Zaparoan, Jivaroan, and Arawakan. These six languages and families in the table at right have "not" been linked in any coherent fashion. Given that Candoshi is well described, this is something which may be resolved relatively soon.

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