B41 (Croatia)

B41 (Croatia)

Infobox European road

name=Brza cesta Vrbovec-granica Mađarske
starting_terminus=Grabrić interchange near Vrbovec
ending_terminus=Gradec exit
regions=Zagreb County
cities=Vrbovec, Križevci, Koprivnica

B41 expressway in Croatia is an expressway running between Grabrić interchange with B28 expressway to the Hungarian border. Only a small section between the Grabrić interchange and Gradec exit is currently in use. The expressway is planned to serve as a connection of Križevci and Koprivnica to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The expressway will not be tolled and it is planned to be built in six sections: Grabrić - Gradec - Križevci - Sokolovac - Koprivnica - Koprivnica beltway - Hungarian border.cite web
url = http://kenny2.globalnet.hr/www.mzopu-puo.hr/UserDocsImages/sazetak_studije_15022007.pdf
title = Environmental study resume
date = 2007
accessdate = 2008-08-02
work = Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction of Croatia
language = Croatian


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* [http://motorways-exitlists.com/europe/hr/d41.htm Partial exit list of B41]

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