Repeat Performance

Repeat Performance

"Repeat Performance" (1947) is a film in the film noir style. It combines elements of a 1940s drama with a science fiction twist. The film was released by Poverty Row studio Eagle-Lion Films.


It’s New Years Eve 1946 and a woman is standing over her dead husband with a gun in her hand. She panics and goes to her friends for help. While seeking help from her friends at a pair of parties, she wishes that she could live 1946 all over again. Magically, because she wished exactly at the strike of midnight on New Years, her wish is granted and she's transported back to the beginning of '46 with her husband alive. She attempts to relive the year without making the mistakes she and her friends made throughout the year. The story climaxes again on New Years Eve, where she again has to decide to kill her husband or not.


*Louis Hayward as Barney Page
*Joan Leslie as Sheila Page
*Virginia Field as Paula Costello
*Tom Conway as John Friday
*Richard Basehart as William Williams, Poet
*Natalie Schafer as Eloise Shaw

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