Local councils of Malta

Local councils of Malta

Since 1993, Malta has been subdivided into 68 local councils or localities (meaning municipalities). These form the most basic form of local government and there are no intermediate levels between it and the national level. The levels of the 6 districts (5 on the main island) and of the 3 regions (2 on the main island) serve statistical but no administrative purposesFact|date=June 2008. Below is a list of the local councils by island.

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* [http://www.justice.gov.mt/localgov.asp Maltese Local Government page]
* [http://www.justice.gov.mt/locsites.asp List of Local Council sites]
* [http://www.mjha.gov.mt/mjha_lc/default.htm Coat of arms of all Local Councils]
* [http://www.citymayors.com/government/malta-government.html CityMayors.com article]

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