Netherlands national rugby league team

Netherlands national rugby league team
Governing body Netherlandse Rugby League Bond
Region Europe
Head coach England Craig Fisher
Captain Benjamin Blom
Home stadium RKDEO Nootdorp
RLIF ranking 18th
First international
 Serbia 12–24 Netherlands 
(Rotterdam, Netherlands; 2004)
Biggest win
 Serbia 10–24 Netherlands 
(Belgrade, Serbia; 2005)
Biggest defeat
 Georgia 57–16 Netherlands 
(Tblisi, Georgia; 2005)

The Netherlands Rugby league was formed in January 2003. The national team played its first international match in 2005.


2008 World Cup Qualifying

See Also 2008 Rugby League World Cup qualifying

The Netherlands failed to progress past the preliminary stages of qualifying for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup, after being defeated by Georgia and Russia in 2006. They did however manage a victory against Serbia.

Following these matches, the national team went on hiatus following a dispute between the Netherlands Federation and the RLEF. In 2009, a new board " Nederlandse Rugby League Bond (NRLB) " was appointed to run the Dutch game and re-establish relations with the RLEF. The Netherlands are expected to resume international competition in 2010 as a result. [1]


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