International Water Management Institute

International Water Management Institute

IWMI, the International Water Management Institute is located in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka, and is a Centre of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. Research at the Institute is focused on improving water and land resources management for food, livelihoods and nature. The Institute has offices throughout Asia and Africa and focuses the bulk of its work basin-scale research and development in benchmark river basins, i.e., the Krishna and Indo-Gangetic basins in India, the Ruhuna basin in Sri Lanka, the Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia, the Limpopo basin in Southern Africa, the Volta basin in West Africa, the Nile basin in East Africa, the Kharkheh basin in Iran and the Syr Darya basin in Central Asia.

The research agenda revolves around the central research question, i.e. to demonstrate that increasing water productivity at the river basin scale can indeed create livelihoods and improve human health, while maintaining ecosystem services, and is organized in four themes: (1) basin water management; (2) land water and livelihoods; (3) agriculture water and cities; and (4) water management and environment.

IWMI employs over a hundred researchers and has an active capacity building program that focuses on PostDocs (about 20 positions) and supporting PhD students (about 50 in 2006, in sandwich constructions with a large number of universities).


The Institute was originally founded under the name International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI) in 1985 by the Ford Foundation and the Government of Sri Lanka, supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research and the World Bank. The budget for the first five years was $12million. []

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