List of special operations units

List of special operations units


; nowrap
* Clearance Diving Teams []


*427 Special Operations Aviation SquadronFact|date=September 2008

flagicon|France France

French Army
* Groupement de commandos parachutistesFact|date=September 2008

flagicon|Germany Germany

;German Army
* Fallschirmspezialzug (Fallschirmjägerbataillon 262)Fact|date=September 2008
* Fallschirmspezialzug (Fallschirmjägerbataillon 263)Fact|date=September 2008
* Fallschirmspezialzug (Fallschirmjägerbataillon 313)Fact|date=September 2008
* Fallschirmspezialzug (Fallschirmjägerbataillon 373)Fact|date=September 2008
* Hochgebirgszug (Gebirgsjägerbataillon 231)Fact|date=September 2008
* Hochgebirgszug (Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232)Fact|date=September 2008
* Hochgebirgszug (Gebirgsjägerbataillon 233)Fact|date=September 2008

*Clearance Diving CompanyFact|date=September 2008


;Indonesian Air Force
* Satgas Atbara [,M1 Realpolitik Ideology By Leonard C. Sebastian, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Indonesia (Google Books)]


;Israeli Army
*PALSAR Givaty (part of Givati Brigade) [] ]
*PALSAR Golani (part of Golani Brigade)
*PALSAR Nahal (part of Nahal Brigade)
*PALSAR T'zanhanim (part of Paratroopers Brigade)
*PALSAR 7 (part of 7th Armoured Brigade)
*PALSAR 188 (part of Barak Armored Brigade)
*PALSAR 401 (part of 401st Brigade)
*Sayeret Yahalom (part of Combat Engineering Corps)
*Shaaf, Nit'zan, Nesher (part of Field Intelligence Corps)
*Sayeret Egoz (part of Golani Brigade)
*Sayeret Duvdevan
*LOTAR Eilat
*Urban Tactical Unit (YATA)
*General Staff Security Unit;Israeli Air Force
*Unit 669
*Airplanes Security Unit
*YANMAM ;Israeli Navy


*nowrap| (Ranger) [ Italian Army homepage] [ Ministry of Defence]
*nowrap| (LRRP) [ Italian Army homepage]
**9th Parachute Assault Regiment “Col Moschin” in Livorno (Tuscany)


;Royal Netherlands Army
*Korps Commandotroepen []

;Royal Netherlands Navy
*Unit Interventie Mariniers []


* 1st Special Commando Regiment []


* 307th Marine Battalion []


Särskilda SkyddsgruppenFact|date=September 2008


;Turkish Armed Forces
* Maroon BeretsFact|date=September 2008

flagicon|United KingdomUnited Kingdom

;British Army
*148 (Meiktila) Battery Royal ArtilleryFact|date=September 2008
*Special Forces Support Group (SFSG)Fact|date=September 2008

;Royal Navy
* Brigade Patrol Troop, RMFact|date=September 2008

flagicon|United StatesUnited States

"Note": This list is a list of forces which other nations would call "special operations forces", meaning specialized in the support of more multi purpose "special forces" (not only the US Special Forces, a.k.a "The Green Berets").

*75th Ranger RegimentFact|date=September 2008
*LRSUFact|date=September 2008
*160th SOARFact|date=September 2008
*4th Psychological Operations GroupFact|date=September 2008
*95th Civil Affairs Brigade (United States)Fact|date=September 2008
*US Army Engineer DiverFact|date=September 2008

*United States Navy SEALsFact|date=September 2008
*Special Warfare Combatant-craft CrewmenFact|date=September 2008

*Air Force PararescueFact|date=September 2008
*Air Force Special Tactics Groupscite book
last = Bowden
first = Mark
authorlink =
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title = Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War
publisher = Signet
date = 2001
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] Dead link|date=August 2008
*Air Force Combat Controllers [

cite news
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*Marine Special Operations Support Group (MSOSG)Fact|date=September 2008

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