The Warriors (video game)

The Warriors (video game)

Infobox VG
title = The Warriors
developer = Rockstar Toronto
Rockstar Leeds (PSP)

publisher = Rockstar Games
designer =
engine =
released = PS2 & Xbox
vgrelease|NA=October 17, 2005|EU=October 21, 2005

vgrelease|NA=February 12, 2007|EU=February 23 2007
genre = Third-person action
modes = Single-player, 2 Person Multiplayer
ratings = vgratings|BBFC=18|ESRB=Mature|PEGI=18+
platforms = PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable
media = DVD-ROM, UMD
requirements =
input =

"The Warriors" is a beat 'em up video game published by Rockstar Games. It was released on October 17 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and February 12 2007 for PlayStation Portable. The game is based on the 1979 film, "The Warriors". The console versions of game were developed at Rockstar Toronto, while the PSP port was developed by Rockstar Leeds.


In addition to covering events depicted in the movie, the video game also acts as a precursor, establishing the Warriors' reputation all throughout New York City. Levels 1 through 13 (and flashback levels A through E) take place before the movie begins. After Level 13, the player is shown a CG cutscene duplicating, to an extent, the beginnings of the movie, with Cyrus's meeting. Levels 14 through 18 cover the movie itself.


The Warriors is an action-adventure game which focuses heavily on brawling. Like most games from Rockstar, several minor gameplay elements are mixed into the experience, such as the ability to use spray paint to mark turf or to insult other gangs. Diversity is one of the game's strong points, with missions requiring players to do everything from smashing up shops to collect protection money, to running through rival turf while wearing insulting t-shirts, to capturing opponents and getting information out of them (as opposed to beating them unconscious).

Rather than focusing entirely on the one versus many style found in most brawler games, The Warriors focuses largely on gang rumble style action, with the player being assisted by several other Warriors at once.

Throughout the game, you play as nine different Warriors in all of the levels.

Comparison between the video game and the movie

Both the game and the movie involve the same characters and locations. The primary difference, however, is in the fact that a large portion of the game takes place before the actual movie begins, with Rembrandt's initiation. The flashback missions show how Cleon formed the Warriors and how each of the other members joined. The Flashback missions take place in 1978, a full year before the movie is set. The events of the movie itself take place near the end of the game.

The game also looks deeper into various gangs and characters, fleshing them out and giving them personalities and backstories, where they might have only been seen in the background or mentioned in passing in the film. Cleon, for example, is the leader of the Warriors. The game portrays him as somewhat of a protagonist, whereas he is only on screen during the first few minutes in the movie. The Hi-Hats are one of the gangs at Cyrus' conclave, but they are never named in the film, and only appear in the opening of the film. They are named, however, by the narrator of the theatrical trailer. The game has at least two missions in which the Hi-Hats feature prominently, giving a lot of depth to the group that many fans of the film had taken to calling "the mime gang."

The major plot points of the movie are all translated into interactive stages within the game.

The Warriors' insignia, a winged skull, is changed in the game to a cobra, a la the Saracens, with flaming wings. This was necessitated due to an already-existing royalty dispute over the design.

Many of the original actors voiced their roles in the video game, with the notable exceptions of Roger Hill (see "Controversy") and David Patrick Kelly (who played "Luther"). Most of the movie's original soundtrack is included in the game.

List of the Warriors

*Cleon: The "Warlord", leader of the Warriors. Although he was Virgil's right-hand man in the Destroyers, Cleon was betrayed by the gang when Virgil thought he was plotting against him, and decided to defect. He started the Warriors alongside Vermin. After Cyrus's assassination, Cleon is falsely accused of the shooting and is brutally beaten to death in the melee. Voiced by Dorsey Wright.
*Swan: The "Warchief", second-in-command of the Warriors. Quiet and cool-headed, his main goal is to get the surviving gang members home. He was a former member of The Destroyers, and it is implied that he left because he didn't trust Virgil. Voiced by Michael Beck

*Ajax: A cocky womanizer who is always up for a fight. After the loss of Cleon at the conclave, he engages in a short confrontation with Swan over who should assume command. He is the most aggressive Warrior. He wears fingerless leather gloves and a black tank-top under his Warriors vest. While escaping from all the gangs that thought he shot Cyrus, he tries to rape an undercover cop, who arrests him, separating him from the gang. Voiced by James Remar

*Vermin: Like Cleon, he is a former Destroyer. A very pessimistic Warrior yet very loyal and can take care of himself in a fight. He wears no shirt under his Warriors vest. Started the gang with Cleon. Voiced by Joe Lo Truglio.

*Rembrandt: The "Writer", the gang's graffiti artist, he wears the standard Warrior's vest and an afro. The youngest member, Rembrandt is far less battle-hardened and is frequently looked after by the other members of the gang. His job is to spray a large W (Representing The Warriors) with a spray can containing red paint throughout the city. Voiced by Andy Senor

*Fox: The Scout, Fox is very familiar with other gangs and their rackets, territory, and numbers. While in a subway, he gets into a grapple with a police officer who throws him in front of a subway train which runs him over. Voiced by Thomas G. Waites.

*Snow: A stoic African-American Warrior with an afro parted down the middle. A bit more reserved, he is still a very talented fighter. Voiced by Sekou Campbell

*Cowboy: A Warrior who wears a Stetson cowboy hat. He is implied to have been a former member of The Destroyer's who left when Swan did. He is an optimistic, happy-go-lucky Warrior. Voiced by Kurt Bauccio

*Cochise: A heavy brawler who's always looking for a good time. He wears Native American-style jewelry, leather pants and boots. He also has an afro with a red bandanna tied around it. He was originally from Harlem but moved to Coney Island. Voiced by David Harris.

Supporting Characters:

*Virgil: Leader of The Destroyers. Cleon's former mentor, he became increasingly paranoid and tried to set Cleon and Vermin up to be killed in a failed drug deal, causing the two to leave the gang and found The Warriors, who became The Destroyer's main rivals. After killing Ash, a young member of the Warriors, Cleon decides he has gone to far, and is killed in a fight with Cleon and Vermin where he is burned to death.

*Ash: A young member of the Warriors. He takes part in two of the missions in the story. He is beaten to death by The Destroyers, which causes the Warriors to wipe them out.

*Mercy: Mercy was originally the girlfriend of the Orphan's warlord, but is dragged along with the Warriors during their journey home. She and Swan fall in love, and she is seen in The Warrior's hangout after the main story is concluded.

*L.C: A junkie and a top member of the Destroyers. He helped Virgil set Cleon and Vermin up by providing them with fake drugs. He is later kicked out of the flophouse that would become the Warrior's hangout and is beaten up by Ajax for stealing his vest. He tries to avoid the final confrontation between the Warriors and the Destroyer's, but is knocked out by Cleon. It is unknown if he lives or dies.

Young Blood Warriors

*TerranceAlthough it's mentioned that the Warriors have 120 members, Rockstar only introduce 20 members

List of Gangs

The Bronx

*Van Cortland Rangers
*Turnbull AC's


*Jones Street Boys
*Satan's Mothers


*Baseball Furies
*Electric Eliminators
*Savage Huns


"The Warriors" received mostly positive reviews. Many praised the game for its deep combat and control, stating that the game helped breathe life into the brawler genre, which was nearly dead at the time. The game was also praised for its unique style, along with a story and music that make the game feel identical to the movie. Complaints with the game were mostly directly towards the multiplayer. Critics complained about how the game's screen would split horizontally for two players, creating a narrow field of vision and often cluttered screens. "The Warriors" is often looked upon as one of the better movie licensed video games.

* B+ [cite web | url = | title = The Warriors PS2 Review | publisher = | first = Andrew | last = Pfister | date = 2005-10-18 | accessdate = 2008-08-05]
*GameSpot: 8.6/10 [cite web | url = | title = The Warriors for PlayStation 2 Review | publisher = GameSpot | first = Alex | last = Navarro | date = 2005-10-20 | accessdate = 2007-08-28]
*X-Play: 4/5 [cite web | url = | title = G4 - Reviews - The Warriors | publisher = X-Play | accessdate = 2007-08-28]
*Game Informer: 8.25/10 [cite web | url = | title = PS2 - The Warriors: review | publisher = Game Informer | first = Matt | last = Helgeson | accessdate = 2007-08-28]
*IGN: 8.7/10 [cite web | url = | title = The Warriors (PS2) review | publisher = | first = Jeremy | last = Dunham | date = 2005-10-17 | accessdate = 2007-08-28]


=Soundtrack songs=

*Barry De Vorzon — "Theme from The Warriors"
*Arnold McCuller — "Nowhere to Run"
*Mandrill — "Echoes in My Mind"
*Barry De Vorzon — "The Fight"
*Joe Walsh — "In the City"
*Genya Ravan — "Love is a Fire"
*Barry De Vorzon — "Baseball Furies Chase"
*Johnny Vastano — "You're Movin' Too Slow"
*Desmond Child — "Last of an Ancient Breed"

Licensed songs

*Chanson — "Don't Hold Back"
*Gene Chandler — "Get Down"
*Love De-Luxe — "Here Comes That Sound Again"
*Fear — "I Love Living in the City"
*Amii Stewart — "Knock on Wood"
*Spanish Harlem Orchestra — "Pueblo Latino"
*Vivien Vee — "Remember"
*Iain Matthews — "Shake It"
*Alberto Alberto — "Traigo De Todo"
*Dr. Hook — "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman"


Roger Hill, who played Cyrus in the movie, filed a lawsuit of $250,000 against Rockstar Games for using his voice and depicting him in the video game. He claimed that it would not have been difficult for Rockstar to pay, since the game made $37 million. [cite web | url = | title = Gamasutra - Take-Two/Rockstar Sued By The Warriors Actor = Gamasutra | first = David | last = Jenkins | date = 2006-06-27 | accessdate = 2008-04-20]


External links

* [ "The Warriors" Official Site]
* [ "The Warriors" at IGN]

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