The Opposite of December

The Opposite of December

Infobox Album | Name = The Opposite Of December... A Season of Separation | Type = studio
Artist = Poison the Well

Released = December 14, 1999
Recorded = Pompano Beach, Florida, America
Genre = Metalcore
Producer = Jeremy Staska, Poison the Well
Label = Trustkill Records
Reviews = | Last album = "Distance Only Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"
This album = "The Opposite of December…A Season of Separation"
Next album = "Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Re-Release"

"The Opposite Of December... A Season of Separation" is the first full-length album by post-hardcore band Poison the Well. It is considered by many fans to be their greatest release. It was released on December 14, 1999. It is the band's first release on Trustkill Records. This album can be considered one of the earliest melodic metalcore albums.

Track listing

# "12/23/93" – 3:07
# "A Wish for Wings That Work" – 3:33
# "Artist's Rendering of Me" – 3:20
# "Slice Paper Wrists" – 3:56
# "Nerdy" – 2:44
# "To Mandate Heaven" – 2:40
# "Not Within Arms Length" – 2:27
# "Midair Love Message" – 3:09
# "My Mirror No Longer Reflects" – 3:19

Albums hits

"The Opposite Of December... A Season of Separation" features "Nerdy," "Slice Paper Wrists", and "Artist's Rendering of Me," all fan favorites. One or two of these songs find their way into each of the band's live sets.

Most "Opposite of December..." songs are played live a bit slower than they appear on this album. This is due to the fact that because of time constraints in making the record, the songs were recorded in a hurry and were recorded too fast. The speed in which the songs are played live is what was intended for song originally.


The Band

*Jeffrey Moreira (vocals)
*Derek Miller (Guitar)
*Ryan Primack (Guitar)
*Alan Landsman (Bass guitar)
*Chris Hornbrook (drums)


*RJ (Photography)
*Jacob Bannon (Art Direction, Design)

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