Qwara language

Qwara language

Qwara, or Qwareña (called "Falashan" in some older sources), is an Agaw language spoken by the Agaw and Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) of the Qwara area, closely related to Qimant.

The language was on the decline in the early 20th Century, as it was being slowly replaced by Amharic. During Operation Solomon, most of its remaining speakers were airlifted to Israel, where it continues to lose ground to Hebrew.

Several early Falashan manuscripts, using the Ge'ez alphabet, exist; in more recent times, the language has been recorded by several linguists and travellers, starting with Flad in 1866.

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*Kayla language
*Central Cushitic languages


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* [http://www.sil.org/silesr/2002/031/SILESR2002-031.pdf SIL - Sociolinguist report of the Kemant (Qimant) Language of Ethiopia]

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