Keel (disambiguation)

Keel (disambiguation)

Keel may be:

* Keel, the central beam of the hull of a boat
* Keel (bird), a perpendicular extension of a bird's breastbone, to which wing muscles anchor
* Keel (slug) is a morphological feature on the back of some land slugs which resembles the keel of an upturned boat
* Keel (gastropod shell) is a sharply ridged central edge around the periphery of the whorls of a snail shell
* Kyle Ward's Internet alias
* Keel (band), a heavy metal group in the 1980s
** Keel (album)
*Keel (flower), the two bottom petals of the flower, sometimes joined together in the Fabaceae family of plants, forming a boat-like structure called the keel.
* Sagittal Keel, a feature of the skull
* Keelboat or "keel", a flat-bottomed boat designed for use on rivers
* KEEL, an AM radio station in Shreveport, Louisiana
* The caudal keel of a fish is a strengthening ridge at the base of the tail; see fish anatomy.
* Keel Lorenz, a character in the TV anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
* Keel, County Mayo, town on Achill Island, Ireland.

People with surname Keel

* Adam Dario Keel a swiss visual artist Art brut, *1924
* Anna Keel a german visual artist, *1940
* Carl Eugen Keel a swiss visual artist Expressionism, 1885-1961
* Daniel Keel a swiss publisher, *1930
* Howard Keel (His real name is: Harold Clifford Leek) American actor who starred in classic motion picture musicals, 1919-2004
* Jenny Keel; a bluegrass-bassist
* Larry Keel a bluegrass-singer and songwriter, *1968
* John Keel an author, journalist and ufologist
* Leslie Keel a motion picture production designer
* Lewis Keel, an american jazz- saxophonist
* Linda Keel, a french rock vocalist with Acid love
* Othmar Keel, a swiss scientist
* Ria Keel-Traber a swiss textile artist *1936
* Ron Keel a Heavy metal vocalist and guitarist

ee also

* Kiel
* Keele

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