Sacramento State Marching Band

Sacramento State Marching Band

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bandname="The Spirit of Sacramento" | school=California State University, Sacramento | location=Sacramento, Ca
conference=Big Sky Conference | founded=1958 | director=Dr. Clay Redfield| members=100+ | uniform=White jackets with green and gold trim and the university logo, white shako with green and gold trim and the university logo topped with a white and gold feather plume, white gloves, black marching pants, black marching shoes. |

TheSacramento State Marching Band, known as the The Spirit of Sacramento, and sometimes informally known as the Sac State Band, Sac Band or SSMB, is the official marching band at California State University, Sacramento. The Band was formed in 1958 and performs at all home football games and various away games during the football season. The Band also is present every year during The Causeway Classic against arch-rival UC Davis. The band motto: "Without Us, It's Just A Game!", was adopted in 1996. In 2008, Dr. Clay Redfield [] , '84, became the newest director of the band. He is the first alumnus to ever lead the band.

The 2008 season marks the 50th Anniversary of the SSMB. A special halftime show is being written for the November 15th football game vs. Northern Colorado. All band alumni in attendance will join the band on the field for the celebration [] .

Fight, Hornet, Fight!

Fight Hornet Fight is the official fight song of Sacramento State. Every time this song is played, Hornet fans rise and clap along. Fight, Hornet, Fight! is played at all sporting events the band is present at. During volleyball and basketball player introductions, the band plays the last four measures of the song known as The Tag.

All Hail to Sacramento

All Hail to Sacramento is the Alma Mater of Sacramento State. The band plays the song during its Pregame show right before the Star Spangled Banner.

The Sacramento State Hornet Revue

The Sacramento State Hornet Revue is a smaller subset of the marching band and usually performs as the official pep band. The Hornet Revue performes at home volleyball and basketball games and also various public venues outside the university.

= Traditions =

Marching Style

The Sacramento State Marching Band marches the glide step style. This style contributes the the bands ability to make complex marching formations while at the same time, producing good quality sound. The band's style is in contrast to the high step style, which is utilized by their rivals the California Aggie Marching Band-uh!

Tailgate Performance

Before every home game, the Sacramento State Marching Band performs for the tailgaters outside Hornet Stadium. This performance usually includes stands tunes and selections from that day's show, in addition to Fight Hornet Fight.

Entrance and Pregame Run on

The band is announced onto the field with the following intro:

"Ladies and Gentleman, from the heart of the Central Valley, and the Capital of California."
"The Sacramento State Departments of Music and Athletics Proudly Present:"
"The Spirit of Sacramento, The Sacramento State Marching Band!!!"

The "C" Cheer

The "C" Cheer is a cheer utilized by the band at sporting events. The vocal cheer spells out the college's formal initials "CSUS". The cheer is usually accompanied by a drum groove played by the drumline.

ac State Spell Out/-ramento Cheer

This cheer is utilized by the band at sporting events (usually accompanied by the Sac State Cheer Squad). The cheer starts off with the cheer squad yelling "S...A...C...S.A.C." to which the band responds "-R.A.M.E.N.T.O.!" to fully spell out "Sacramento".


The band's musical repertoire consists of various classic rock, jazz, funk, grunge, metal, Latin and pop tunes. Favorite tunes of the band include Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys, School's Out by Alice Cooper, Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, Hey! Baby by Bruce Channel, and of course, Fight Hornet Fight.

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