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company_name = IASON, GmbH
company_type = Limited liability company
foundation = 1994
location = flagicon|Austria Graz, Austria
key_people = Christoph Artner, Founder & CEO
industry = Nuclear Medicine
products = Laboratory Diagnostics, and Radiopharmaceuticals
num_employees = 50 (2008)
homepage = http://www.iason.eu/

IASON, GmbH is a European nuclear medicine company headquartered in Graz, Austria. IASON deals primarily in specialized radiopharmaceuticals and laboratory diagnostic equipment related to nuclear medicine. The company prides itself on being able to offer products which are produced in close cooperation with the consumer (due to their specialized nature).


Christoph Artner founded the IASON Labormedizin Ges.m.b.H. & CoKG in Graz in 1994. From the beginning, the main concentration of the company has been nuclear medicine. The company specializes in products related to the thyroid gland and bone metabolism. Demands related to the marketing of its extensive product line have resulted in IASON forming the IASON group of companies in order to assist in production, research, marketing, and logistics.

Origin of the Name

The name IASON was derived from Jason, a character in Greek mythology who was said to be instructed in all areas of medicine and has learned a great deal about the art of healing.

IASON Group of Companies

* 1994 - IASON- is responsible for the marketing, sales and PR for the entire product line
* 1997 - ARGOS- produces radioactive pharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography. They also conduct research and development of PET tracers.
* 1998 - ATALANTE Research and Consulting- is responsible for making the knowledge which IASON has accumulated available throughout the world.
* 1999 - IASON-AIR - Charter airline and delivery apparatus.

Products and Services

IASON divides its activities into two primary categories: Pharmaceutical and Medical.

Pharmaceutical activities include the production and distribution of radioactive pharmaceuticals with a short half life. The company also constructs and sets-up radioactive pharmaceutical production sites based on their research and expertise in cyclotron and hot and cold clean room production facilities. IASON currently operates three production facilities, two in Austria (Klagenfurt and Linz) and one in Italy (Rome).

Medical activities include the construction of Positron emission tomography, nuclide based antibody therapy, and scintigraphy units. They also produce immunoassays and autoantibodies for the serologic determination of Thyroglobuline and autoantobodies to thyrogl obuline and thyroidal peroxidase, for the early prediction of Type I Diabetes in follow up of Type II Diabetes; early detection of usefulness of prescriptions of Insulin.

IASON's medical products are primarily produced for the fields of Oncology (Early diagnosis of all type of cancers, Follow up, and treatment planning), Neurology (Diagnosis of Epileptic foci, surgery planning) and Cardiology (Diagnosis of vital zones after heart stroke, planning of bypass intervention).

IASON actively markets around fifty pharmaceutical and medical products.


IASON makes its research public through the [http://www.iason.eu/normal/english/support_SL.asp literature service] accessible through its homepage.

External links

* [http://www.iason.eu/ Official website]

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