Secure Network Communications

Secure Network Communications

Secure Network Communications (SNC) is a software layer in the SAP system [ [ SAP Library - Secure Network Communications (SNC)] ] [ [ Secure Networks Communications FAQ] ] architecture that enables the use of stronger authentication, encryption and single sign-on mechanism. SAP provides SNC for server to server communications only. Third party vendors provide SNC technology for client access, however.

SAP systems include basic security measures, which include the SAP authorization concept and user authentication based on passwords. With SNC, SAP customers can extend SAP system security beyond these basic measures to include the additional protection offered by stronger authentication methods, by encryption and by single sign-on. [ [ What is SNC? Single Sign-On for SAP] ]

Advantages of SNC

* SNC provides application-level, end-to-end security [ [ SAP NetWeaver Standards Support] ]
* SNC secures all communications between two SNC-protected components (e.g., SAPGUI and an SAP application server)
* You can implement additional security features that the SAP system does not directly provide (e.g., single sign-on or the use of strong authentication measures)

ee Also

* encryption
* SAP NetWeaver
* single sign-on
* SAPgui


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