Parakala Mutt

Parakala Mutt

The Bramhatantra Parakala Mutt is an ancient Hindu Monastic order established in South India. It was the first monastery of the Sri Vaishnava sect of Brahmin Hindu society.

There have been 33 jeers (heads) so far. The head of this Matha is the heredetary Acharya of the Mysore Royal Family. The Hayagriva idol worshipped here is said to be handed down from Vedanta Desika. [Swami Swahananda: "Monasteries in South Asia", page 50. Vedanta Press, 1989.]

Parakala Mutt is among the organizations that follow Sri Vedanta Desika as the torch bearer of Sri Ramanuja's teachings. The others are Ahobila Mutt, Sri Srirangam Andavan Ashramam and Sri Powndareekapuram Andavan Ashramam.

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