Ethnic groups of Southeast Asia

Ethnic groups of Southeast Asia

Tai peoples

*Thai people
*Lao people
*Kadai peoples
*Kam-Sui peoples
*Nung people
*Lu people
*White Thai

Austronesian peoples

*Javanese people
*Balinese people
*Acehnese people
*Dayak people
**Iban people
*Tagalog people
*Murut people
*Tagalog people
*Bicolano people
*Ibanag people
*Ilocano people
*Ivatan people
*Kapampangan people
*Moro people
*Pangasinan people
*Sambal people
**Waray people
**Cebuano people
*Cham people

Sino-Tibetan peoples

=Tibeto-Burman peoples=

*Bamar people
*Karen people
*Rakhine people
*Chin people
*Naga people


*Chinese Singaporean
*Chinese Indonesian
*Chinese Malaysian
*Thai Chinese

=Austro-Asiatic peoples=

=Mon-Khmer peoples=

*Mon people
*Khmer people
*Vietic peoples
**Vietnamese people
**Muong people]
*Bahnar people
*Orang Asli
*Katuic peoples
*Pear (people)
*Khmu people

Other Austro-Asiatic


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