The Performance Institute

The Performance Institute

The Performance Institute is a private, non-partisan think-tank that specializes in improving government results through the principles of performance, transparency and accountability. [] Called “the leading think tank in performance measurement for government” on OMB’s site, The Performance Institute has been a leader in Performance Management Training and Policy since the 2000 Transition. As part of the Performance Coalition, a group of good government associations, the Institute worked in 2000 to deliver recommendations to the then-new administration on the management agenda. In 2008, the Institute is leading the [ Transitions in Governance] Project, another research coalition and research effort with the purpose of providing recommendations for the future of performance management for the upcoming administration change. The Performance Institute is a subsidiary of [ Thompson Publishing Group, Inc.]

The Performance Institute has published several research reports regarding performance management Initiatives, and trains over 10,000 government managers a year on performance-based topics. Dedicated to improving citizen services and taxpayer transparency, the Institute uses a best practices foundation to deliver the most effective and tested methodologies for improving performance.

The Performance Institute certifies government managers through their Government Performance Manager Certification program. [] This represents the core of the Institute’s values and a dedication to transparent, accountable and transparent government. The value of this certification is reflected in its reputation among government organizations as a requirement for advancement in planning disciplines. The Performance Institute is dedicated to institutionalizing performance management in government, and believe that those who complete the program will be the voices for effective change, measurable progress and a government that delivers excellence to its citizens.

The Institute’s services include research and consulting, in addition to national conferences, training, certification, and policy forums. [] These services are provided to the federal, state, and local governments and are aimed at supporting the ultimate goal of promoting best management practices and achieving results. The subjects of their research and conferences range from performance management, financial management, human capital, acquisition and sourcing, information technology, project management, law enforcement, social and youth services, process improvement, the environment, and administrative management.


Carl DeMaio, the founder the Performance Institute, has dedicated his career to public service. Prior to forming the Institute, Carl spent five years on Capitol Hill working on strategic planning, budget reform, and government oversight initiatives with members of Congress. He founded the Performance Institute in 2000, where more than 10,000 individuals now attend the Institute’s education programs annually and where research and position papers are generated which drive policies at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

Carl has served as an advisor to numerous elected leaders, including President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the federal level, he is well known for his “Transition to Governance” report in 2000 that produced many of the ideas in the President’s Management Agenda. At the state and local levels, he is the architect behind two “Citizens’ Budget” plans — one in 2003 focusing on the State of California’s budget crisis and one in 2004 focusing on reforming the City of San Diego. Both projects combined a thorough audit of government spending and performance and resulted in a mix of short-term and long-term reforms of the way government operates. The Citizens’ Budget approach has received significant media and public attention for engaging citizens in a meaningful way in reforming their government. The Orange County Register editorialized that the Citizens’ Budget would “lay the foundation for finding a sensible and lasting way out of the current crisis” and “the result would be a more efficient government and more business-friendly state.”

Carl DeMaio is now a City Councilman for the city of San Diego and a frequent speaker at conferences and events across the country. His work and commentary have appeared and been referenced on network television and in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Orange County Register, and the San Diego Union-Tribune. He resides in San Diego, California.

Transitions Project

The Performance Institute has partnered with several other organizations to create the Transitions in Governance 2008 project, with the goal of presenting the next administration with recommendations for performance management based on lessons learned in the last eight years. [] Federal management issues include electronic government, the federal workforce and human capital, financial management, governance, program performance, and sourcing and acquisition. The members of Transitions in Governance coalition are the Performance Institute, the [ Partnership for Public Service] , [ IBM Center for the Business of Government] , the [ National Academy of Public Administration] , [ the Council for Excellence in Government] , [ Mercatus Center at George Mason University] , the [ Association of Government Accountants] , the [ Center for Innovation in Public Service] , [ American University ISPPI at the School of Public Affairs] , [ American Society for Public Administration] , [ Professional Services Council] , Reason Foundation, [ the Coalition for Effective Change] , [ the CNA Corporation] , [ Digital Government Society] , and [ Federal Times] .

The Performance Coalition

The Institute is part of the Government Performance Coalition, an alliance of diverse organizations united in their focus on continual improvement of the results the federal government delivers for the public. The members of the Coalition work individually and collectively to develop greater understanding of results-based management of organizations and people. Members support programs and publications that promote debate and learning about how to improve implementation of these strategies, help government leaders and staffs improve their skills and knowledge, and offer advice to government. []


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White papers

* [] Mission-Centric Talent Management: Empowering the Next Level of Results in the Federal Government
* [] Workforce Analysis in Federal Government: Key Findings and Recommendations

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