The Arabs in History

The Arabs in History

"The Arabs in History" (ISBN 0-192-80310-7) is a non-scholarly book authored by Middle-east historian Bernard Lewis, published in 1950. The book was well-received by the general public owing in part to its accessibility to non-historians. Lewis takes a comprehensive look at the history of the Arab peoples, from pre-Islamic times to the modern day. The book has been reprinted several times, the most recent of which being the 2002 edition.


:'Whoever lives in our country, speaks our language, is brought up in our culture and takes pride in our glory is one of us.' Thus ran a declaration of modern leaders of Arab states. But what exactly is an Arab, and what has been their place in the course of human history?


:*Lists of Maps :* Introduction:* Chapter 1 Arabia Before Islam:* Chapter 2 Muhammad and the Rise of Islam:* Chapter 3 The Age of the Conquests:* Chapter 4 The Arab Kingdom:* Chapter 5 Pilgrimage to Mecca:* Chapter 6 The Revolt of Islam:* Chapter 7 The Arabs in Europe:* Chapter 8 Islamic Civilization:* Chapter 9 The Arabs in Eclipse:* Chapter 10 The Impact of the West :* Chronological Table

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