Martin Pugh

Martin Pugh

Martin John Pugh is a British guitarist who came to prominence after joining blues-rock band Steamhammer in 1968, staying with that band through five years and four albums. Their debut album, Steamhammer, was released in 1969 and yielded a minor hit single in Europe, "Junior's Wailing". Pugh also played on the first Rod Stewart solo album, along with fellow Steamhammer guitarist Martin Quittenton.[1]

He later joined Armageddon in 1975 with former Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf.[2] According to liner notes of a CD re-release of their only album on the Repertoire label in 1999, drug problems[3] interfered with the band's work ethic, despite the record having received favourable reviews and significant radio airplay upon its release. Their demise was finalized after the death of Relf in May 1976.

Despite appearing to have retired from the music industry at that time, Pugh re-emerged to play guitar on sessions with the Hawaii based rock and roll band, 7th Order,[4] on their debut album, The Lake of Memory, released on the Big Island Sounds label in 2007.[5]


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