If I Fell

If I Fell

Infobox Song
Name =If I Fell

Caption =
Type =
Artist =The Beatles
alt Artist =
Album ="A Hard Day's Night" (UK) / "Something New" (USA)
Published =
Released =10 July 1964
track_no =3
Recorded =Abbey Road Studios 27 February 1964
Genre =Rock and Roll, Merseybeat
Length =2:22
Writer =Lennon/McCartney
Composer =
Label =Parlophone
Producer =George Martin
Chart position =
Tracks =
prev =
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next_no =
Misc =Extra tracklisting
Album = A Hard Day's Night
Type = studio
Tracks = ;Side one
# "A Hard Day's Night"
# "I Should Have Known Better"
# "If I Fell"
# "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You"
# "And I Love Her"
# "Tell Me Why"
# "Can't Buy Me Love";Side two
# "Any Time at All"
# "I'll Cry Instead"
# "Things We Said Today"
# "When I Get Home"
# "You Can't Do That"
# "I'll Be Back"
Infobox Song
Name =If I Fell

Caption =single sleeve "And I Love Her"
Type =B-side to "And I Love Her" (Capitol)
Artist =The Beatles
alt Artist =
Album =
Published =
Released =20 July 1964 (US)
track_no =
Recorded =
Genre =
Length =
Writer =
Composer =
Label =Capitol 5235 (US)
Producer =
Chart position =
Tracks =
prev =
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"If I Fell" is a song by The Beatles which first appeared on the 1964 UK album "A Hard Day's Night" and the US compilation album "Something New". Written primarily by John Lennon with help from Paul McCartney,cite book |first=Barry |last=Miles |title=Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now |year=1997 |pages=162-163] the song is notable for its unusual structure, which includes an unrepeated introductory section (introduced as an afterthought as of take 11) followed by sequential verse sections, each having a slightly expanded form, but with no obvious chorus or bridge section. The song also features a two-part harmony, sung by Lennon and McCartney together into a single microphone at their suggestion, and intricate chord changes. The key changes from D flat major to D major between the introduction (a series of descending barre chords) and the main song, which uses mainly open chords, including an unusual D ninth.

Lennon played acoustic guitar and sang, McCartney played bass and sang, George Harrison plucked out single notes on electric guitar, and Ringo Starr played drums.

There is an alternate take of the song in which McCartney's voice strains and cracks at the end of a line, which first appeared on the "Love Songs" compilation double-LP, by an archivist's error when returning to the master tapes in Capitol's vault. Since then, this version has appeared in many places and is often heard on oldies stations in some markets. This version is the stereo version now found in "The Capitol Albums" box set. In the mono version, Paul's voice strains, but does not crack.

The stereo mix of the song (found on the "Hard Day's Night" LP and "Something New") features a double-tracked opening by John. This was also supposedly Kurt Cobain's favourite Beatles song, and was played by Nirvana whenever there were technical problems at their concertscite web |url=http://oldies.about.com/od/thebeatlessongs/a/ififell.htm |title=If I Fell -- History and Information |accessdate=2008-08-14 |author= Robert Fontenont] .

"If I Fell" was included as part of The Beatles repertoire during their American tour 1964. For one performance, after McCartney introduced the song, Lennon appended the word "Over", which led to a rendition in which he and McCartney could barely contain their giggles.Fact|date=February 2007

ingle releases

*UK: In the UK it was released on 4 December 1964 as A-side (b/w "Tell Me Why") on Parlophone DP 562 [ [http://www.jpgr.co.uk/dp562.html The Beatles - If I Fell ] ]
*USA: It was also the B-side of the US single "And I Love Her" (Capitol 5235)
*Norway: The song was released as a single in Norway, where it hit number one. [cite web |url=http://lista.vg.no/show_list.php?ListsOp=showWeek&week=49&year=1964&listID=1 |title=VG Nett - VG-lista - TOPP 20 SINGLE UKE 49, 1964]

Cover versions

Maroon 5 performed an acoustic version of the song on their "1.22.03.Acoustic" album. Evan Rachel Wood sang the song in the "Across the Universe" film. Sammy Kershaw performed a cover on the Come Together Tribute CD. Dominican band Caña Brava performed a "merengue" version on their 1994 album "The Best of the Best". Jason Castro performed an acoustic version of the song on Season 7 of American Idol. The Rutles' song "With A Girl Like You" is based on this song. Reba McEntire has also performed a version of the song.


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* [http://lyricwiki.org/The_Beatles:If_I_Fell Lyrics]

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