Members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, 1904–1905

Members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, 1904–1905

This is a list of members of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly between the 1904 elections and the 1905 elections, together known as the Fifth Parliament.

Name Party District Years in office
Hon William Angwin Labor East Fremantle 1904–1905; 1906–1927
Hon Thomas Bath[3] Labor Brown Hill 1902–1914
Harry Bolton Labor North Fremantle 1904–1917
Harry Brown Ministerial Perth 1904–1911
Richard Burges Ministerial York 1903–1905
William Butcher Independent[5] Gascoyne 1901–1911; 1915–1917
Henry Carson Ministerial Geraldton 1904–1906; 1908–1911
Francis Connor Independent Kimberley 1893–1905
Frank Cowcher Ministerial Williams 1904–1911
Hon Henry Daglish[1] Labor/Independent Subiaco 1901–1911
Arthur Diamond Ministerial South Fremantle 1901–1906
Dr Henry Ellis Labor/Ind.Lab. Coolgardie 1904–1905
John Foulkes Ministerial Claremont 1902–1911
Frederick Gill Labor Balkatta 1904–1905; 1908–1914
William Gordon Ministerial Canning 1901–1911
Hon Henry Gregory[4] Ministerial Menzies 1897–1911
John Hardwick[2] Ministerial East Perth 1904–1911; 1914–1921
Charles Harper Independent Beverley 1890–1905
Hon Robert Hastie[1] Labor Kanowna 1901–1905
Thomas Hayward Ministerial Wellington 1901–1911
Edward Heitmann Labor Cue 1904–1913; 1914–1917
Ernest Henshaw Labor Collie 1904–1905
Hon John Sydney Hicks[4] Ministerial Roebourne 1901–1908
Hon John Holman[1] Labor Murchison 1901–1921; 1923–1925
John Marquis Hopkins Ministerial Boulder 1901–1905; 1908–1910
Austin Horan Labor Yilgarn 1904–1911
James Isdell Independent[5] Pilbara 1903–1906
Mathieson Jacoby Independent[5] Swan 1901–1905; 1908–1911
Hon Walter James[2] Ministerial East Perth 1894–1904
Hon William Johnson[1] Labor Kalgoorlie 1901–1905; 1906–1917;
Charles Keyser Labor Albany 1904–1905
Charles Layman Independent[5] Nelson 1904–1914
Hon Patrick Lynch[3] Labor Mount Leonora 1904–1906
John McLarty Ministerial Murray 1904–1909
Hon Newton Moore[4] Ministerial Bunbury 1904–1911
Samuel Moore Ministerial Irwin 1904–1914
Charles Moran Independent West Perth 1894–1901; 1902–1905
John Nanson Ministerial Greenough 1901–1905; 1908–1914
Ted Needham Labor Fremantle 1904–1905; 1933–1953
Wallace Nelson Labor Hannans 1904–1905
Frederick Henry Piesse Independent[5] Katanning 1890–1909
Timothy Quinlan Ministerial Toodyay 1890–1894; 1897–1911
Hon Cornthwaite Rason[4] Ministerial Guildford 1897–1906
John Scaddan Labor Ivanhoe 1904–1917; 1919–1924;
Hon George Taylor[1] Labor Mount Margaret 1901–1930
Albert Thomas Independent Dundas 1901–1905
Michael Troy Labor Mount Magnet 1904–1939
Alfred Watts Labor Northam 1904–1905
Albert Wilson Labor Forrest 1904–1908
Francis Wilson Labor North Perth 1904–1905
Hon Frank Wilson[4] Independent[5] Sussex 1897–1901; 1904–1917


1 Following the 1904 state election a new Ministry consisting of six members, including one Member of the Legislative Council, was appointed. These members were therefore required to resign and contest ministerial by-elections on 19 August 1904, at which all were returned unopposed.
2 Sir Walter James, the Ministerialist member for East Perth and former Premier, resigned on 4 October 1904 to take up the position of Agent-General for Western Australia in London. At the resulting by-election on 20 October 1904, Ministerial candidate John Hardwick won the seat.
3 Following a cabinet reshuffle on 7 June 1905, the Member for Brown Hill, Thomas Bath, was appointed Minister for Education and Lands, and the Member for Mount Leonora, Patrick Lynch, was appointed Minister for Works. Both were therefore required to resign and contest ministerial by-elections. Bath was returned unopposed on 22 June 1905. Lynch won the by-election in his seat against a second candidate on 30 June 1905.
4 Following the failure of the Daglish Ministry in a want of confidence motion on 25 August 1905, a new five-member Ministry comprising Ministerialist members led by Cornthwaite Rason was formed. These members were therefore required to resign and contest ministerial by-elections. John Sydney Hicks, the member for Roebourne, was returned unopposed, while the other four ministers, who were contested, won the by-elections on 14 September 1905. A new election, held on 27 October, was then called to secure parliamentary support for the Ministry.
5 Prior to the 1904 election, Labor had been a minor party and government had resided with the supporters of premiers and opposition leaders of various political dispositions, who usually held a formal minority of seats in the Legislative Assembly and relied on the support of Independents or the Labor Party. After Labor won minority government at the 1904 election, most of the other factions united into a single grouping, and several of the Independents elected in 1904 became associated with it, and ran as Ministerial candidates in the 1905 election.


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