Communications in Liberia

Communications in Liberia
Cellcom Liberia antenna in Monrovia (2009)

Communications in Liberia consist of telephone lines and cellular phone networks. A lot of the telephone lines were destroyed or plundered in the two civil wars, making cellular phone networks a popular and safer alternative that reach remore regions of the country.



The main newspapers are:

  • The Daily Talk[3]



Fixed telephones

The fixed line infrastructure of Liberia was nearly completely destroyed during the civil war. In 2006, the country had approximately 5,000 fixed lines installed, almost exclusively in the Monrovia area.[4] Prior to the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 2007, the state-owned Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) held a legal monopoly for all fixed line services in Liberia, and remains the sole licensed fixed line telephone service provider in the country.

Mobile telephones

Comium building (2006)

Four licensed GSM service providers operate in the country: Lonestar Cell, CellCom, LiberCell and Comium. Approximately 45% of the population has cell phone service.[4]


In 2001, there were 0 AM radio broadcast stations, 7 FM, and 2 shortwave, with 790,000 radio receivers.[5]

Radio stations include:


As of 2001 there was one television broadcast station plus four low-power repeaters,[7] while as of 1997 there were 70,000 television receivers.[5]


Internet services are currently limited to the Monrovia area. The Country code (Top-level domain) is LR.

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