Hockey Scores

Hockey Scores

"Hockey Scores" is a song entered in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's contest to replace The Hockey Theme as the theme song of "Hockey Night in Canada".

Written by Logan Aube of Aurora, Ontario, the song is described by the "National Post" as "an endearingly insane cacophony of screaming babies, screeching animals and gunshot blasts",cite news |url= |title=Screaming babies, screeching cats and gunshot blasts: Your next Hockey Night theme song? |first=Chris |last=Boutet |work=National Post |date=2008-07-17 |accessdate=2008-07-25] and by "The Globe and Mail" as sounding "a lot like a baby riding an unco-operative sheep through an industrial grinder".cite news |url= |title=Can this possibly be the Hockey Night theme? |work=Globe and Mail |first=Omar |last=El Akkad |date=2008-07-18 |accessdate=2008-07-25]

Aube originally posted the song on Something Awful, asking participants to vote for it on the CBC's contest website.cite news |url= |title=Something Awful, Something New |work=The Torontoist |first=David |last=Topping |date=2008-07-16 |accessdate=2008-07-25] "Hockey Scores" quickly became the most viewed and among the highest rated of the contest's submissions, though the CBC will not be making the decision based on popularity alone.

Although he described the song in his original Something Awful post as "mostly comprised of cat and sheep sounds, baby cries, and gunshots/explosions", Aube has more recently called it "a beautiful theme encompassing the heart of hockey", claiming that the gunshots symbolize the hard-hitting nature of ice hockey, the cat noises symbolize the grace and agility required by hockey players, and the baby sounds represent Canadians' child-like wonder at watching hockey. Other reviewers have called it "absolutely and irrefutably atrocious".


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