Union Jack and the Megatones

Union Jack and the Megatones

Union Jack and the Megatones were an US band which gained popularity during the third wave of ska in the late 1990s in the Austin, Texas area. They hailed from Cedar Park and Leander, Texas and were known regionally as the "first ska band from Cedar Park". The band's lyrical content addressed the anxieties of teenage relationships, the difficulties of being musicians, and general silliness. The music was an eclectic mix of third-wave ska, alternative, pop and marching band sounds.


The band was formed initially in 1997 in the wake of the "summer of ska". First performing at a Leander High School talent show as a joke, the group grew more serious and gained recognition in the Austin area, especially in their hometowns. Though musicians came and went throughout the band's history, by the time of their most successful EP, 1999's "Kamikaze", the membership had solidified to its final state. The group disbanded in 2000, at the height of their popularity, when B.J. Golding left the band.


*B.J. Golding - Guitar and vocals
*Robert Harpold - Trumpet
*Matt Kay - Tenor Saxophone
*Dale Morris - Bass and vocals
*Ethan Morris - Drums
*Noel Burns - Trombone


*1998 - "Union Jack and the Megatones" EP
*1999 - "Kamikaze" EP

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