Roz Forrester

Roz Forrester


Roslyn Sarah Inyathi Forrester
series=Doctor Who
affiliation=Seventh Doctor
era=30th century
start= Original Sin
finish= So Vile a Sin

Roslyn Sarah Inyathi Forrester usually just known as Roz Forrester is a fictional character from the Virgin New Adventures range of spin-offs based on the BBC science fiction television series "Doctor Who".

Her first appearance was in the novel "Original Sin" by Andy Lane, with her adjudicator partner Chris Cwej. Adjudicators are the police force of 30th century Earth, which was at that time divided into the Overcity and the Undercity. Roz was born in 2935 to a rich family on Jupiter's moon Io and was of pure African Xhosa stock (according to family legend the Forresters are descended from Nelson Mandela, but this is not the case). As a child she lived through a period known as the Wars of Acquisition before joining the Adjudicators to fight for justice.

She and Chris were investigating a murder case in Undercity in the year 2975 when they encountered the Seventh Doctor and Benny. It was revealed that Roz had killed her former Adjudicator partner, Fenn Martle, when she discovered he had been taking bribes. Her memory of this event had been manipulated by Tobias Vaughn, so that she believed Martle had been killed by an alien. This led to her having strong xenophobic feelings.

Roz and Chris travelled with the Doctor for many adventures, but she was killed when she led an assault on the stronghold of Duke Walid, the Earth Emperor who was being controlled by the Psionic Brotherhood. Roz's death shocked the Doctor so much he had a heart attack in one of his hearts.

"", a short story collection from Virgin Publishing, chronicled the history of the Forrester family over a time span of 1000 years.


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