Ithaca (disambiguation)

Ithaca (disambiguation)



*Ithaca is an island in Greece. In Greek myth, it is thought to have been the home of Odysseus.
*Homer's Ithaca


*Ithaca, Queensland was a local government area in Brisbane

United States

*Ithaca, New York, a city in central New York State
**Ithaca College, a liberal arts college
**"The Ithaca Journal", a daily newspaper
**Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport
**Ithaca City School District, a public school district
**Ithaca Community News, an e-mail newsletter
**Ithaca Commons, a pedestrian mall
**Ithaca Health Alliance, a health insurance cooperative
**Ithaca High School, a public secondary school
**Ithaca Hours, a local currency system
**Ithaca Youth Bureau youth programs and services
*Ithaca, Georgia
*Ithaca, Michigan
*Ithaca, Nebraska
*Ithaca, Ohio
*Ithaca, Wisconsin


*Ithaka (rapper)


*Ithaca Chasma, a valley on Saturn's moon Tethys
*1151 Ithaka is an asteroid


* "Ithaca" is a poem by Greek poet C. Kavafis.
* Ithaca is a no-ship in the "Dune" fictional universe.
* Ithaca is town in California where Saroyan's novel The Human Comedy takes place. This fictitious place is based on real town - Fresno County in California, Saroyan's home town.
*"Ithaka" is a novel By Adele Geras, loosely based on the oddysey

Ithaca is the name of the next-to-the-last chapter in James Joyce's Ulysses.


*Ithaca Gun Company, a shotgun and rifle manufacturer founded in Ithaca, NY

Ithaca is the name of the second last chapter in James Joyce's Ulysses.

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