Song infobox
Name = Piggies
Artist = The Beatles
Album =

Released = 22 November 1968
track_no = 12 of disc 1
Recorded = 19 September 1968
Genre = Baroque, rock
Length = 2:04
Writer = George Harrison
Label = Apple Records
Producer = George Martin
Tracks = Side one
#"Back in the U.S.S.R."
#"Dear Prudence"
#"Glass Onion"
#"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"
#"Wild Honey Pie"
#"The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"
#"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
#"Happiness Is a Warm Gun"Side two
  • "Martha My Dear"
    #"I'm So Tired"
    #"Rocky Raccoon"
    #"Don't Pass Me By"
    #"Why Don't We Do It in the Road?"
    #"I Will"
    #"Julia"Side three
    #"Yer Blues"
    #"Mother Nature's Son"
    #"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"
    #"Sexy Sadie"
    #"Helter Skelter"
    #"Long, Long, Long"Side four
  • "Revolution 1"
    #"Honey Pie"
    #"Savoy Truffle"
    #"Cry Baby Cry"
    #"Revolution 9"
    #"Good Night"
    "Piggies" is a Beatles song from double-disc album "The Beatles" (also known as "The White Album"). It was written by George Harrison as social commentary on class and corporate greed.



    "Piggies" features a Baroque-style harpsichord and string quartet — which take an unexpected turn at one point playing a blues riff.

    Chris Thomas (producing in George Martin's absence on some of the "White Album" sessions) played the harpsichord part.

    Lyrical input

    Harrison's mother provided the line "What they need's a damn good whacking," ["Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison"; Joshua M. Greene; Bantam Books; 2006] and Lennon contributed with the line "clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon." [http://www.geocities.com/~beatleboy1/dba09white.html]

    Alternate lyrics

    There was an additional verse written for the song in 1968 but omitted during the actual recording. It involved the "piggies" playing "piggy pranks" in order to achieve its rhyming couplet of "piggy banks." Harrison reinstated this verse in all live performances of the song in the 1990s. A version can be heard on his double album "Live in Japan".

    :Yeah, everywhere there's lots of piggies:Playing piggy pranks:And you can see them on their trotters:Down at the piggy banks:Paying piggy thanks:To thee pig brother

    The original lyrics read "to cut their pork chops" (as heard on the "Anthology 3" album). Lennon created the tape loop for the pig noises that were sampled for this song.

    Track placement

    "Piggies" is sandwiched between two other songs with animals in their titles ("Blackbird" and "Rocky Raccoon"). This was a deliberate decision on the part of Lennon and McCartney while preparing the sequencing of the songs for the album.Fact|date=February 2007


    Though Harrison intended the song as social commentary, it was often misinterpreted as an anti-police anthem, due to the commonly used term "pig" which is used as slang for policeman.Fact|date=May 2007

    Charles Manson family

    Charles Manson interpreted many of the songs from "The White Album" to justify his murders, and took the phrase "what they need's a damn good whacking" to mean that he should attack the police.Fact|date=May 2007 During the murders of Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, Gary Hinman and others, knives and forks were used to stab them because these utensils were mentioned in the song.Fact|date=May 2007 The words 'political piggy', 'pig' and 'death to pigs' were written with the victims' blood on the walls.


    *George Harrison - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Arrangements
    *Paul McCartney - Bass and Backing Vocals
    *Ringo Starr - Tambourine
    *John Lennon - Backing Vocal, Tape Effects and Arrangements
    *Chris Thomas - Harpsichord
    *George Martin - Arrangements


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