William Fraser

William Fraser

William Fraser may refer to:

*William Fraser (bishop), Bishop of St Andrews, Guardian of Scotland during the First Interregnum 1290-1292, during the Wars of Scottish Independence
*William Fraser (historian) (1816-1898), Professor of Scottish History
*William Fraser (brewer), Scottish brewer
*William Fraser (Canadian bishop) (1778–1851), Canadian Roman Catholic bishop.
*William Fraser (British politician), 18th-century British politician
*Sir William Fraser, 4th Baronet, 19th century English politician
*William Fraser (Canadian politician), member of the Legislative Assembly of Northwest Territories, 1872-1875
*William Alexander Fraser , 20th-century Canadian politician
*William Fraser (New Zealand), 20th-century New Zealand politician
*William Fraser, 1st Baron Strathalmond, Scottish businessman and chairman of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
*William Jocelyn Ian Fraser, known as Ian Fraser, Baron Fraser of Lonsdale, British politician and chairman of St Dunstan's
*Willie Fraser, former professional baseball player
*Willie Fraser (footballer), Australian footballer who played for A.F.C. Sunderland in the 1950s

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*Bill Fraser (disambiguation)
*William Frazer (disambiguation)

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