Pokemon Acanthite

Pokemon Acanthite

Infobox VG|title=Pokémon Acanthite

developer=Silver Glance INC.
designer=Fangking Omega (executive producer) (director)
released=vgrelease|NA=TBA 2009
genre=Console role-playing game
series="Pokémon" series
modes=Single-player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
,Nintendo DS

"Pokémon Acanthite" is the prequel installment to Pokémon Gold and Silver versions of the "Pokémon" series of role-playing video games. It is currently in development by a freelance developing studio known as Silver Glance INC. and is the first Pokémon fan-game to receive high regard in its quality and aim at emulating the style executed by Game Freak's developers. The game itself has been in development since 2004, constantly going through design revisions and modifications to its engine. The game has often been delayed due to these issues but is expected to be ready for release sometime in 2009.

The game is set in the fantasy world of Merto, which is the habitat for 275 different species of Pokémon, some of which are exclusive to this region. The game covers the adventure of the rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver who served as the series' antagonist, embarking on a quest to capture and train Pokémon while simultaneously thwarting the movements set by Team Rocket being lead by a new figurehead.


"Acanthite" was originally intended to be a fan re-make of "Pokémon Gold and Silver" versions using the visual style presented by Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen on the Game Boy Advance. After time, the project eventually transformed into a brand new story that focused on Silver's past preceding the events in "Gold" and "Silver" and explaining his prejudice against Team Rocket.

The game is still under heavy development and aims for a release within the next year.


The game's soundtrack is being composed by Silver Glanc INC. member Ivar.

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