List of Noein episodes

List of Noein episodes

This is a list of episodes of the science fiction anime television series Noein. The series was produced by Satelight and directed by Kazuki Akane. with the opening and ending sequences directed by Kenji Yasuda. The opening theme is "Idea" by Eufonius, and the ending theme is "Yoake no Ashioto" (夜明けの足音?) by Solua. The series was originally broadcast in Japan on Chiba TV in 24 episodes between 12 October 2005 and 29 March 2006. It was released in Japan on DVD by Bandai Entertainment.

Noein is licensed in English by Manga Entertainment. It was broadcast in the United States by the Sci Fi Channel as part of Ani-Monday programming block starting on 18 June 2007, and in Australia on ABC2 started on 21 August 2007. In North America, the series was released on five Region 1 DVDs, the last released on 18 September 2007. In the United Kingdom, the first three volumes were sold individually, while the last two can only be purchased as part of a series collection.

Episode list

# Title Original air date First English air date
01 "Blue Snow"
"Aoi Yuki" (アオイユキ) 
2005-10-12 2007-06-18
During summer break, a couple of friends decide to play a test of courage by hunting down a rumored ghost that is supposedly appearing throughout the city. During their quest, Haruka starts seeing something that her friends are unable to see, blue snow. Two friends in the present must now help freedom fighters from the future battle the evil dimension Shangri-La. With the help of a group known as the Dragon Calvary, Haruka and Yuu travel through space and time to save the universe from imminent destruction. 
02 "Runaway"
"Iede" (イエデ) 
2005-10-19 2007-06-25
Haruka may be in a bit more trouble than she expected. It is not only the two dragon knights that are battling right in front of her face. Yuu is thinking about running away to Tokyo, and Haruka promised she would go with him. In their attempts to run away, the supernatural just keeps on popping up everywhere they go. 
03 "Hunted"
"Owarete..." (オワレテ...) 
2005-10-26 2007-07-02
Atori still pursues both Haruka and Yuu, though Karasu is heavily injured due to upholding the task of saving Haruka and Yuu, and battling Atori. Karasu however, got stuck in the present time-space, and who else but Haruka finds him. 
04 "Friends"
"Tomodachi" (トモダチ) 
2005-11-02 2007-07-09
Some misunderstanding is created between Haruka's and Isami's relationship that causes some inner hatred from Ai. Now, it seems Haruka has to weld it back together again. 
05 "And Then..."
"Sorekara..." (ソレカラ...) 
2005-11-09 2007-07-16
Atori, Tobi, and Isuka, travel onto the present time-space in order to destroy Haruka. 
06 "Dimension of Tears"
"Namida no Jikū" (ナミダノジクウ) 
2005-11-16 2007-07-23
Haruka is taken to La'cryma. She managed to escape and mix herself up with the residents at the local town. When she reaches the surface, she notices many similar things related to her world. 
07 "Precious Person"
"Taisetsu na Hito" (タイセツナヒト) 
2005-11-23 2007-08-06
Haruka is finally being used by La'cryma for their own diabolical reasons, but Karasu has other plans. 
08 "Secrets"
"Kakushigoto" (カクシゴト) 
2005-11-30 2007-08-13
Haruka returns to her present time-space and invites Karasu to live with her after he unplugged his pipeline. Though little did she expect she would get involved with Yuu's relationship problems with his mother. 
09 "Beyond Time"
"Toki o Koete" (トキヲコエテ) 
2005-12-07 2007-08-20
Yuu's mother causes a disruption in time-spaces, which causes her to wander down in memory lane. It is up to Haruka to use her powers and save her. 
10 "A Stormy Night"
"Arashi no Yoru" (アラシノヨル) 
2005-12-14 2007-08-27
Atori makes one final attempt to destroy the Dragon Torc, but is stopped by Karasu. However, Atori is not the only one who wants Haruka. 
11 "Out of Sync"
"Surechigai" (スレチガイ) 
2005-12-21 2007-09-03
Yuu has decided to make it his goal to study in Tokyo, but Isami is in disagreement with him. Fukurou and Karasu are preparing themselves for a similar type of fight. 
12 "Battle"
"Tatakai" (タタカイ) 
2005-12-28 2007-09-17
Haruka's worse nightmare comes true; Karasu and Fukurou start their dreadful battle, and she does not even know where to find them. 
13 "Wish"
"Negai" (ネガイ) 
2006-01-11 2007-09-24
Karasu has been severely injured as a result of the previous battle. Haruka and Tobi see to it that he gets the proper amount of Layze to heal himself, but Kosagi does her best to prevent it from happening. 
14 "Memories"
"Kioku" (キオク) 
2006-01-18 2007-10-02
Haruka visits various time-spaces in the space to see moments within her parent's past through the old telephone that hangs below the stairs. 
15 "Shangri'la"
"Shanguri-ra" (シャングリラ) 
2006-01-25 2007-10-02
Haruka goes on her date with her dad, but it's cut a little short due to work. Though she is asked out on another date by the all-knowing being Noein. 
16 "Repeat"
"Kurikaeshi" (クリカエシ) 
2006-02-01 2007-10-08
Haruka goes down through memory lane, but gets herself literally stuck in the past. 
17 "Dilemma"
"Mayoi" (マヨイ) 
2006-02-11 2007-10-08
Ai's parents are going to have their wedding ceremony, and Haruka is going to attend it, but she is stopped by Kosagi, who came to finish off what she had started before. 
18 "Nightmare"
"Warui Yume" (ワルイユメ) 
2006-02-15 2007-10-15
Haruka found an old video when she was younger. She looks around the town to find a tape that could hopefully play it, but in the process of it all, raiding units from Shangri-la have appeared, and Kuina has exploited his allegiance to Shangri-la. 
19 "Reminiscence"
"Omoide" (オモイデ) 
2006-02-22 2007-10-15
Haruka deals with the concept of forgetting, as her memories of her grandmother are disappearing, and an old friend she had in Tokyo is unable to recognize her. 
20 "Once More"
"Mō Ichido..." (モウイチド...) 
2006-03-01 2007-10-22
Yuu and Haruka were transported to La'cryma, and were quickly met by the heads of the Dragon Knights. Thanks to Haruka, the two were able to escape. However, Yuu mysteriously disappears off into Shangri-la. 
21 "Illusion"
"Maboroshi" (マボロシ) 
2006-03-08 2007-10-22
Haruka agrees to submit herself to Noein in order to save Yuu and Karasu. Mysteriously, her house and her friends have appeared within the misty grasses of Shangri-la. 
22 "To The Future"
"Mirai e..." (ミライヘ...) 
2006-03-15 2007-11-12
Noein tries to manipulate Haruka into bending her will into his desires by showing her, through Ai, Isami, and Miho, the future they would have had if it remained untouched. 
23 "The End"
"Owari" (オワリ) 
2006-03-22 2007-11-12
Noein reveals his identity to Haruka, and shares with her his views on life, as well as how his sorrow originated. The Magic Circle Project is also swinging into full motion. 
24 "The Beginning"
"Hajimari" (ハジマリ) 
2006-03-29 2007-11-19
Noein has possessed Haruka's abilities as a dragon torc, though Yuu and Karasu come to her rescue. 


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