Line 2 (Budapest Metro)

Line 2 (Budapest Metro)

The Metro 2 (Officially: M2) is the second line of Budapest Metro. It connects the western Déli pályaudvar, and the eastern Örs vezér tere. Daily ridership: 451,627.


The first plans for the present-day two lines were made in 1942, and the Council of Ministers' decree enacted its building in 1950. Metro 2 was originally planned to connect two major railway stations, "Keleti" (Eastern) and "Déli" (Southern) "pályaudvar." They wanted to complete it by 1955, but construction was ceased for financial and political reasons from 1954 till 1963. It was finally opened with seven stations on April 4 (a Communist holiday in Hungary) in 1970. It runs in an east-west direction, and as yet it is the only line to cross the River Danube and reach Buda (the western part of Budapest). It has a joint station with the existing metro at Deák Ferenc Square, which has since become a transfer point for the third line as well.

*1970: Deák Ferenc tér - Örs vezér tere
*1972: Deák Ferenc tér - Déli pályaudvar


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